Grooming addiction – self help


Announcing, with great pleasure, the overcoming of  Grooming Addiction.

If you’ve been down the slippery slope yourself, you know how hard it is to break free.  If you’re still there, don’t lose hope, there’s always a time to recover!

As you can see, all that excessive brushing or fussing – is no more!


We’re all donkeys from down here.

more brushing

Great!  Moving right along then.

Glad we’ve got that all squared away.   Already talked about the extent of the addiction Here – “Confessions of a grooming addict.”  No shame.

Time to announce the new big adventure:

Valiosa will come with me for a month to Dorado Andaluz where I will be grooming for Alexis Martin-Vegue!  This is going to be so much fun!  4 short weeks to shake things up a bit – a super opportunity!

Already spent one year with the horses at Dorado Andaluz, before this blog was started.  (Peek at two little post about Dorado, and Alexis, found Here and Here.)  It’s truly a special place and I love to be there.

We leave soon – hope you will come along to see how Valiosa evolves!

Splitting my time between Dorado Andaluz in Somerset, and Blue Horse Farm in Loomis, so Cooper will continue with some regularity too.

If we’re friends outside of horses, and somehow find yourself reading this – well here’s your explanation for why you won’t hear much from me for weeks to come…

Now.  Better straighten out those braiding skills. Revealing Jertes below, stallion at Dorado. In my braid job. Right. That’s just not going to cut it.

12 thoughts on “Grooming addiction – self help

    1. Hoping to have some time at night to type up some updates here and there!
      This is such a wonderful opportunity – I’ve really missed that farm, and it will be one huge learning experience for Valiosa.
      To start she’ll meet LOTS of other farm animals. Cows of many sorts, pigs (huge ones) goats, sheep, a llama, chickens, and tons of other Andalusians of various ages…


        1. Will try! ! The secret to most of my better pictures is that they are taken on the rare occasion of my son coming out to the barn with the good camera. Or –
          Even more rare –
          My husband showing up with that same camera.
          Had happened 3 times; )

          This month, it will just be the little mobile phone 🙂


  1. What a fantastic opportunity! I look forward to reading what you have learned. As for grooming – I’d always rather ride than groom :-), but that’s just me. Come be my groom any time!


    1. I love to know that I have people wanting to hear about this!
      Yeah, with the riding and grooming… I just really seem to get stuck there, touching up here, there, everywhere. Working on that habit… Then I ride, and of course always run out of time 🙂


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