Valiosa installed at Dorado Andaluz


Last week, not exactly a high-light for her.

Two wolf teeth extracted, two days straight of stalling due to extreme wind and rains, and she even managed to get her head stuck between the pipe panels one morning.  Found her there, sheepishly waiting for help to be freed.

Her ratty week was crowned by a very winding trailer ride along rolling hills to Dorado Andaluz during driving rain and thunderstorms.  By grace of a wonderful new friend, Jen, and her husband, I was able to get her all the way there safely.

Miles upon miles, they drove.  Meeting wonderful people is such a treat.  It’s hard enough to do this alone – without them, I wouldn’t have been able to bring Valiosa with me to Somerset.  There’s no way I can thank them enough.

Catching her breath in the barn.

Releasing her in pasture during the rain into one of the small herds of young mares was less relaxing. But she will do well. She’s looking a bit lost here.
Valiosas first day in the herd

She’s got one month to win the other mares over.

Driving home, the wind and rain whipped down hard.  Difficult to see out the windshield.  Parts of the road flooded along Latrobe.  Some skidding.

Back home.  Wet socks.  Steaming mugs of tea.  Thick slices, slabs really, of my bread.  Walnuts inside, poppy seed on top.  Slathered thick with almond butter.

If you’re gluten-free, you know how rewarding it all was.

Gluten Free Bread
Of course I worry about her.

11 thoughts on “Valiosa installed at Dorado Andaluz

    1. Yes, it’s a pretty place. I’ll see if I can share some more shots over the next few weeks.
      She’ll be living outside, in a herd, just coming in for prepping and cooling down. Good times.
      But of course,
      I can’t help but worry….

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    1. Thank you Vanessa. It’s an Andalusian breeding and training barn. She is pretty typey as an Andalusian Cross and should fit in. Just waiting for the other mares to accept her. Sigh.


    1. Isn’t it!?
      It’s very well thought through as well. And safe 🙂
      Funny thing is – it’s rare that most stalls are filled.

      All the horses get to go in pasture pretty much all year. Except for foaling out plus first few new foal weeks, cool down and drying out after daily training, show prep days, and the exceptional bad rare storm.

      It’s so good to see!


  1. Men vilken liten sötnos, hahaha, stackars liten att lägga mulen i blöt och ställa till med trassel. Ja unghästar har sin charm 🙂
    U don’t own anything personalized?
    And you call yourself a equestrian!
    And live in the States!
    Personalized and monogrammed things on your horsestuff it huge in the States!
    Nä skämt å sido, kul att du blev sugen på att skaffa något med ditt monogram eller namn på. Men ett tips, skippa att sätta namn på schabrak eller täcken. Hästar som du vet byts då och då ut, och att sätta sitt eget namn kan anses som ett säkrare kort. Fast risken är ju sen den dagen man tröttnar på grejorna så blir de liggande i stallet eftersom man inte kan sälja eller ge bort dem…
    Toppen att höra att mitt råd om arkiv gjorde susen. Så kämpa på och skaffa även en sida där du beskriver hästarn som du rider så ska du se att det blir tipp topp.


    1. Oh wait! I always have personalized halters. But that’s about it. And I tend to sell off stuff, VERY frequently. Just the way I’ve done it. So, yeah, perhaps best with no human, or horse names, on it…
      I filled out my last name with an ugly black permanent marker on the underside of a saddle pad. Hmmm… Not sure that counts 😉


  2. She’s beautiful! I’m glad she wasn’t hurt when she got her head stuck. Silly mare!!!! I hope she has settled in well with the new herd. You guys are going to have so much fun.

    You made that bread? Is it gluten free? It looks amazing!!! You might have to share the recipe with me please if it’s GF. 😀


    1. The head getting stuck was really weird. I thought she was just standing awkwardly, but then it got clear she had stuck her neck through the pipe paneling and was freaking on the pressure on her head when trying to get out. Geeesh!
      At least, instead of panicing, pulling back and possibly dragging the whole fence with her
      – she just waited sheepishly for me to show up. 🐑👑


    2. And yes, GF bread. Although by now I have changed 75% of the recipe so I’m not sure it translates.

      Essentially 6 or so various flours. Egg whites wiped with oil lemon juice n water to create fluff. A mixture of salt, baking soda, cream of tartar, and glucomannan to enhance rising, while keeping it moist and stuck together.
      A lot of work, but worth it.


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