Come along for the drive to Somerset


Winding road to Plymouth

Valiosa is spending the month there. 

A bit of a commute.  Drop at the elementary school.  Second drop at the middle school. Then steer south for a while.

125 miles round trip on smallish roads.  (200 KM)  And then we haven’t even made it out for scouts, basketball, or other stuff that always goes on in the afternoons.

Thankfully, a beautiful drive.

Stonebarn on the road to Plymouth

Although hard to catch while driving…

Amador County Vineyard

Vineyards galore on the way out.  All the Vines, naked  at this time of year.  Sonoma and Napa, just uncomfortably crowded as compared to this, in Amador County.

Follow the windy road down Latrobe.  Left at the stop sign, and continue on.

Past the strange, rock filled pasture with the Paints.  Not sure how they survive there.

Rocky Pasture

On through the town of Plymouth.  A few buildings still standing.  And a couple of real gourmet places for eats.  For real.


Of course, it comes with its token, dilapidated scary place.  Who wouldn’t want to have their wedding reception there?…

Carousel in Plymouth

Through more twisty roads.  Past River Pines.  An armpit, mostly.  Arriving in Somerset.  After a couple of smaller roads, houses and properties grow larger.  And then there’s the barn.

The barn in Somerset

Valiosa her self, was not her self.  Scared.  Tense.  Breathing and trotting strangely.  Spooking on the MAD huge pig and her piglets rustling around the outside the arena.

All my hard work with her to create a relaxed, ready to work, and confident mare, did not materialize.  Last week she was ready to canter under saddle.  This week, she was ready to just go home. Valiosa in the cross ties

10 thoughts on “Come along for the drive to Somerset

    1. Yes, it is SO pretty. Don’t really feel I got the past parts in any shot – really just try to step on it to get there quick.

      In the fall, the vineyards look cinematic in their fall colors. Glowing. Like California’s low growth answer to New England ; )

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  1. Your comments on the sites you passed amused me! This adventure is really good for you and Valiosa. She’s going to learn it is o.k. to be in a new place, and that you will keep her safe. I think it will do wonders for deepening the trust between you. I hope so, anyway 🙂


    1. I hope so too! I didn’t think I’d have much opportunity to take her anywhere, really, in her first several months with me, so this was lovely.
      As it is, she has trailered to my friend, and now is having a huge adventure at this other farm.
      Just like you, I hope it will open her up for change 🙂

      It’s funny, although the mares in her field do not care for her much, she already calls to them and rushes out there to be with them after her training. Suddenly, I’m not all that important to her 😉


  2. Aww sweet girl! She will figure it all out soon I’m sure. This experience will be so good for her.

    That drive is gorgeous (and you did a great job getting pictures while driving!), but wow what a long way to drive every day. How long does it take you?

    That is a LOT of rocks in that pasture with the Paints… wow.

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    1. Only driving there twice per week. Rest of the time riding Cooper at the barn at “home”. It’s a lot of miles. And probably not very legal to do car pictures; )

      Ugh, those rocks! The grass dies in the sun after March. Then it looks even more bizarre. ..


      1. Ahh that’s not too bad twice a week. 🙂 I bet you miss Valiosa though!

        P.S. I definitely wouldn’t get caught taking pictures while driving hehehe. I’m not sure it’s legal either!


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