The barn at Dorado Andaluz, Somerset


Main Barn at Dorado Andaluz

In case you’ve missed it;  got my baby horse with me at Dorado Andaluz – Andalusian breeding, training, and showing barn, for one month.

She’s not been too impressed with it so far, but really, it’s a very nice and welcoming place.  Above, the barn, with parts of the arena behind.

Below, the main tack room that is used the most.

Tack Room

The farm has varying numbers of horses .  Right now 14.  (15 with the bat-crazy Valiosa.)  Two babies on the way this year, and three stallions standing.

This is one of them, Botijo M.


And this is another, Fenix XXXIII / Gumer, next to Valiosa who is slowly catching on to the routine of coming in to the cross ties and hanging out in the commotion.

It’s quiet and relaxed for a breeding and training barn, but for her, it’s a high way.  Week 2 will be better!

Today I’m riding Cooper.  Too tired to say much else.  Next week I’ll show you some more from the barn in Somerset.  Not easy to point, shoot, and get stuff done at the same time haha!  Oh, and it’s finally time to at least get started on a description page of the horses of this blog.

Have a beautiful weekend!

9 thoughts on “The barn at Dorado Andaluz, Somerset

  1. I immediately noticed the page you made for the horses when I went to your website today (sorry I’m so far behind). I love it!

    That place is gorgeous. Wow that barn! The stallions are pretty too. I like that they have three stallions, but only two foals on the way. They are doing it right, quality over quantity. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you saw it! !! My menue has an updated page with the full version at the top.

      Been poked by several readers to make one. I really didn’t think anyone cared!


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