Come meet the horses of A Horse For Elinor.Com – Dressage On A Dime!

So many keep popping up throughout the posts.  Probably confusing.  So, without further ado, here’s an intro to my steeds.

This will become a permanent page, once done being fiddled with.  These are not all the horses – a couple of more updates coming this month to make it complete.  Check back in later this week at the top of the page under “Steeds” and there will be an updated version, I promise!


17 year old Polish Arab.

Shown several years through 3rd level dressage. A bit out of shape when he first came to me, he was brought back into full work and he discovered he really loves his workouts.  Big fan of kids, easy trail rides, and meeting new horse friends.  Behaves like a pro at all new venues.



under tree jaworzno

sort of tense trot


La Prima.

8 year old Amercian Warmblood.

Never a big fan of arena work, we tried hard to come to an understanding with the dressage.  La Prima was the start of this Website, and you can find many posts about her throughout the first part of year 2014.  She never completely committed to the discipline, and turned into a happy trail horse instead.

The new bridle from Horze


La Prima pasture canter

Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day yesterday!