Quick update on Valiosa in Somerset.


The drive to Somerset

Week 2 of pretty driving.

Hay is fed at this end of the pasture in the morning, making it easier to catch and halter.  Show up too late, and there will be a much longer hike past this area and over some rolling hills.  Here is Carinosa.  Of course she walked off as soon as I got in.

Carinosa in the morning

Valiosa is in another pasture, 30 acres on a huge hill.  Great for her thin hind, since at Blue Horse farm we’re completely flat.

She didn’t get the memo that this was week 2, and to be calm and collected about the barn and the work in the indoor arena.  She’d been very scared and unfocused yesterday.  Mostly because the barn was being pressure washed.  Very loudly…

Dressage clinic coming up this weekend with Rachel Saavedra.  So, more pressure washing today.  Luckily after her work.

Here she is, off the lunge line with Alexis at the walk.  They did a few circles at the trot each direction too.  The mirrored area is still scary.

Leaving you with Alexis’ ultra cute baby goats at 1 week old.  Long soft ears on tiny heads.

Alexi's Goat Baby

The black baby boy goat is for sale after weaning.  Wouldn’t you want to take him home?
Baby goats

5 thoughts on “Quick update on Valiosa in Somerset.

  1. What a beautiful place!! I wish it was spring here…can’t stand the grey anymore (nearly wrote ‘shades of grey’, haha…). I really long for some green to come up, and I bet the horses do, too.
    Nazir always needs a really long time to settle in a new place, last time it was over two months. He just likes his habits 😉


    1. It’s comforting to hear that she’s not the only one. I think she’s a lot better now – can’t wait to see her on Tuesday – but I was really surprised on how discomforting it was to her to switch venue. She came to me at the very end of November, and while she was sort of “snorty”, wasn’t all crazy, and seemed to settle within a few days. This time, it was all “eyewhites” for a while.
      Hope you get to keep Nazir at the same place for a long time!

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  2. There was no comment box on the previous post Steeds, so I just wanted to say they are gorgeous. I really wish Chrome was going to be pure white like the stunning Jaworzno instead of flea-bitten, but I love him anyway. My favorite picture is the one of you smiling at Dice. I LOVE that!

    Baby goats!! So cute! I would totally take the black male. 🙂

    I hope Valiosa calmed down and did well in the clinic. I’ll read about it in a second. Just wanted to say I have a feeling Chrome would be the exact same way if I took him somewhere like that. He may play calm and cool, but he can be totally wired and spooky in unfamiliar places. He’s so sheltered… I really need to work on that. This experience will be so good for Valiosa. 🙂

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    1. I know several people who have always wanted a flea bitten with a “bloodied shoulder.” It can be absolutely stunning! Might be Chrome…

      And Valiosa wasn’t actually IN the clinic for the record. She can’t even leave the 20 meter circle under saddle in trot without getting all sticky or stopping just yet… Sigh.
      We’ll see what the last two more weeks will do for her before coming home.


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