Herman Sprenger KK bit on a budget

Horse & More Loose Ring Bit

How about a well made bit, very similar to Herm Sprenger Ultra KK bits, but at a reasonable price?

The Herm Sprenger series make wonderful bits and are designed very precisely. Which makes them come with a price tag most of us can’t shell out when trying out different bits for a young horse.

The Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Loose Ring Snaffle Bit goes for around $129 now.

This here, the Horse & More Loose Ring Bit, can be had for around $44.

Double Jointed Cooper Loose Ring bit

It’s produced by Horse & More, with the approval of Herm Sprenger.  Like the KK Ultra, it offers an anatomically shaped mouthpiece with a rotated center link which will lie smoothly across the tongue.

It’s just as well made, although the material is copper and not Aurigan, or the newer Sensogan.

Pictured here in an 16mm, it also comes as an 18 mm thickness.

 Dressage On A Dime says “Yes!”

Dressage On A Dime

16 thoughts on “Herman Sprenger KK bit on a budget

    1. Yes, the Sprenger bits are ALL awesome. I have one, with the “regular” lozenge not the French Link, in Aurigan and it has held up really well.
      Unfortunately it is too big for my new baby mare and I had to try some other options.
      The Horses and More looks very compatible, and as she matures she can transfer into something pricier.
      (They ALWAYS seem to graduate to something pricier 😉 )

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        1. Just in case – I purchased this from Dover.com
          The shipping fees (and delivery times) are less than stellar, but they everything else with them is absolutely great!


  1. We used this Herm Sprenger bit on both our lower level dressage horses. They were fantastic, horses loved them. I have a lot of horse stuff in my tack room and now that my horse is gone it won’t get used again. Maybe ebay is the answer to that dilema!

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    1. I’m sure you’d get a LOT of takers. Those bits Never go out of style!
      Or perhaps save them… Maybe one day there will be another four legged friend…


  2. I have a Spenger Flex Control, and it fit us perfect. Although I tend to switch bit from time to time. But at the moment he responds well on this so that’s the one I us most now. 🙂


    1. That IS a different one. I’m wondering how well the rubber wears in the middle. I would think it would last much longer than the Happy Mouth bits which tend to have a much shorter life span?


      1. I do think the Spenger Flex Control will last longer than Happy Mouth, but keep in mind that the Sprenger is more bit, with that I mean it’s quite heavy compared to happy mouth as it’s not made of plastic. The rubber looks very strong and hard and so far I can see no sign of us on it. But it’s true that the rubber part is in a place in the mouth where there are no sharp tooth’s so…I guess you are talking about a normal 3 joint Happy Mouth, and I have heard that they usually breaks in the middle joint or you have to change them quite often as horses that tend to champ a lot makes markes/imprint in the plastic that can later hurt. Again, it´s hard to know how horses react to different bits.

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        1. Yes, talking about the regular happy mouths, which are much lighter.
          My mare chomped it through in some 5 weeks or so.
          Using this kind copper bit as baby but now. Hoping it will do her well for a long time. .

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