A good ride

Backyard roses

Can be like

bittersweet walnuts dipped in salt crusted chocolate, on waxy paper in the kitchen.  A little too much wine on the side.

Good.  Sweet, but not overly smothering.


A good ride is, also

Very hard to find…

Depending on which discipline one rides, you are either a half pro after two years of intense horseback riding, – or still a beginner after more than a decade of bouncing around if trying dressage.

Could have been well on my way to successful riding by now.  But no, I had to pick dressage!


Which means there might never really be a good ride, or a good seat.  Only pity from non-horse friends for “not getting” it after all this time, when they’ve heard it should only take a year or so.  (What?!)

Still working on transitions from walk to trot.  To get them just so.  Yes, pathetic.  And boring to watch for others.


Riding Cooper today, thinking of the flubbery, resistant, awkwardly moving gelding of August, and comparing him to this morning – yes, it was a good ride.

We still have our challenges.


Wishing you a good ride today!

9 thoughts on “A good ride

    1. Yes. I’m thinking I’ll never get there, but at least I should have fun doing it!!!

      Hoping you can hook up with someone to get out together with Crome this spring a couple of times. It makes things so much easier on them.
      (I just know it’s really hard to pull it off. )

      But not that reiner/barrel rider haha! (or whatever gadget – discipline she wanted to be)


        1. Perhaps you’ve been an inspiration. Could happen you know 🙂
          She’s seen the soft but firm ways you’re getting Chrome on your side, on his own terms, and maybe she wants to be part of that fun, too …


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