Week three in training


Some nice progress since the first few days.

Just really irritated looking and ready to go back out after her rinse here.  She’s coming around a bit in the arena now.  With such an easy workload, she’s not being overwhelmed in any way.  The tension is just within anyway – just her personality.

Here we are at the “backside” of the barn, the second row of stalls which is quieter, not used as much.  She was still on alert for the pigs, although they’ve moved outside by now.

The backside of the barn

A bit of trot in more areas of the arena, off and on the 20 meter in the middle.

Her main hurdle under saddle now is “stickiness”.  She simply gets stuck, not completely convinced she has to move forward for the leg.

Alexis has reassured me this is very “normal” with baby horses and to not pay too much attention to it, just continue on.

I’m convincing myself I’ll know just how to do that once home.

Valiosa, is convincing herself it’s actually pretty nice to hang out in the cross ties.  Together here with Cariñosa – better than alone of course.

Haning out with Carinosa

More pretty driving to the farm in Somerset ahead.  The oak trees are still bare, just a few more days.  Only 2-3 weeks left of winter…

Please rain!  It can’t be that the last rain we had a couple of weeks ago was the last until next October?

Latrobe Road

6 thoughts on “Week three in training

  1. I’m am soooo behind on blogs!! I’m going to get caught up on yours tonight though.

    Chrome definitely went through the sticky phase!! He got over it hehe.

    I have to ask a dumb question. You know how on my blog you can read the post then there is a link that says newer post? Where is that on your blog?? I like to read a post, comment and then hit next post and keep reading. Right now I’m having to go back to your home page (which takes a while to load on my slow internet) to find the next post. Am I missing something?


    1. Hi! That is a good question! I thought perhaps I didn’t have a function like that, but then I found it, just a little lower down than in most other Themes.

      In a post, you just scroll down to the end, below the section of the 3 “Related Posts”, and there will be arrows, just sort of light grey and hard to see.
      Left to go to posts posted back in time. Right arrow to go to newer posts.
      Thrilled someone even cares to look this up on my site!!! 🙂


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