Almost on our own


The horses.

The safe sound of them eating their hay.  Part of their allure, the noises they make.

Breathing, blowing, chewing, waiting dragons.  Heavy hooves thumping in the stalls.

Somehow always watching, relaxing, waiting, but constantly at the ready at the same time.  Bellowing rib cages moving back and forth as they breathe.

Below, Castiza


This weekend Valiosa and I will walk out these doors at Dorado Andaluz…  And we will be.  All on our own.

Barn Doors

I hope to have a lot of fun with her at home at Blue Horse Farm.  Can’t wait to see where she’ll be after some months under saddle with me!

Sharing her progress here is so much fun – and I love it that you’re checking in on us!  She will grow up to a great training partner.  Promising to keep updates short enough to read quickly.

First off for her – a couple of months of “fattening.”  She’s looking much too angular.  Easy work, lots of hay and grass, and there’ll be some curves to show off.

This week –  touch on canter under saddle.  Really hope to have a ridden picture for you after Friday.

11 thoughts on “Almost on our own

    1. Too funny – she would like to be… She does look like one now that you ask. She’s a grey, bright pure white.
      But sort of, eh, natural, her after her work.
      All the horses live out in huge pastures so they tend to look quite dusty other than on show days 🙂


    1. Haha, yes, growth spurt, but more in width than height. Poor thing will look like a whale when done if she doesn’t stop soon. In the past 3 months she has really developed much more of a back. So fun to see though.
      Last time in the spring she measured 15.2
      Still doubting she’ll get to a solid 15.3, but of course I’ll double check as time goes by.
      I’ll have to go in to see how far Chrome has come along – he should be at his full height solid by now.


      1. Yep he topped out at 15.2hh when he was three and has not added any height at all even though he’s six now. He did get a LOT wider though! He did so much filling out, even in the haunches, between five and six. It was crazy!

        I’ll keep my fingers crossed Valiosa makes it to 15.2hh hehe. Like you said in another comment they are so wide they take up more than enough leg. 😀

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