Last week in Somerset – with arena pictures



Horses always have to be dramatic in some way.

Valiosa managed to get extremely allergic to the oak mites at Dorado Andaluz.  Multiple bites below her udder caused a large swelling around the bellybutton area.

Sweet itch overload!  In a big, painful, swollen way.

Crusty, oozing, itchy.  Despite cleaning and applying Swat, a small abscess formed.  (Eek, better not be pigeon fever!!!)  It was much better after stalling for 24 hrs, but she’ll be coming home a couple of days early to make sure she doesn’t get eaten alive.

On my way to pick her up this morning…

Here’s from yesterday’s day of training in Somerset.

Alexis trains off site too.  I came along Mystic Oak Ranch in Plymouth.  Here is Michelle Dodge’s Cormac.


He’s a young, green, Warmblood-Friesian cross.  So handsome!  Michelle’s dog – so super excited to see us.

Cormack and Alexis

On to the next place, to this young warmblood gelding who is also just starting up.


Back at the barn in Somerset, Valiosa was less relaxed and malleable.  Hanging it out here with no modesty.

Dorado ride 3

That’s her and I, (b)racing around.  She was full of her self from having to stay in the barn overnight.

Dorado ride 2

We left the dressage court once.  Promised some ridden pictures, so, here they are…  Hayley, another groom with Alexis was very sweet and snapped these.

Dorado ride 1

Her journey as a ridden horse has started.  Wish us luck at home, with steering, and no oozing belly buttons!

4 thoughts on “Last week in Somerset – with arena pictures

    1. Yes!! Thank you!
      That is what I wish to keep as the main motivator – having fun. If it’s not fun, I’m out. (Although I’m prepared to have less fun if there’s a long rehab to go through, which I’m sure I’ll have to learn all about at one point…)


  1. Yikes!! Does she normally have sweet itch or is this just a weird reaction to that bug she’s never been around?? Chrome has sweet itch every summer and it’s a total nightmare so I hope she doesn’t develop it!

    I love the pictures!! She is so pretty!

    Cormac is gorgeous!!! You know how I am with Friesian crosses! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    1. It was just a reaction to the environment and the Oak Mites there – now she’s completely bite free. Lucky. I remember Chrome having to be roached in the mane due to the itching. He looked handsome though! Hoping he’s a bit more comfortable this summer…
      Cormac has since been sold – I think he’ll have a really nice future as a dressage horse – can’t wait to see him once a bit more greyed out!


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