Back home – with a little help from Zylkene

Valiosa had only trailered a grand total of 3 times with me.

Heading home on Friday, with a little help from Chip, whom I’ve never met before but turned out to be an awesome, nice guy, with a huge trailer, would be her 4th.

To help her, I decided to try the sample of Zylkene from my friend.  It’s a supplement with calming properties from Vetoquinol.

Zylkene Equine

It’s a powder, she ate it quickly on top of a small serving of grain, and while I’m not sure, it seemed to work within 20 minutes.  It’s derived from Casein, milk protein.

No drowsiness, just calmly walked on, backed out nicely a little less than 2 hrs later, and settled in very quickly at home, eating and drinking.

Drying in the sun after a bath outside our new barn doors.  They let in a lot of light through plexiglass!

New barn doors

She will have enough training and won’t need it just to trailer later, but it was a great anxiety reducer for this trip and moving barns.

Not entirely sure if this will be available for purchase in the U.S for equine use.  Anyone?  Have you used it for anything else?

Valiosa home
Off to treat and get rid of the swelling from the oak mites. Other than these insect bites, she’s had a great experience this month!  It’s already looking way better – this won’t be a long lasting issue!  Just really wish I’d have Alexis with me when riding her today at home haha!

Dressage On A Dime

12 thoughts on “Back home – with a little help from Zylkene

  1. You can get zylkene in the US now at vet offices or through a rep. Mostly used for those crazy dogs that destroy everything when their owner leaves. But can be found for horses and cats too.
    I wish I had it when I had my white mare, would of had a better horse much sooner and wouldn’t of lost so many shoers.

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    1. Oh, that is good to know!
      I really like how it just really took the edge off, she was still eating and drinking no problem, just wasn’t worried at all about whatever big morning activities she was in the midst of 🙂
      Farrier on Friday. This will be her third time, but judging from last time she is going to be a star. Luckily she’s not going to need any extra treatments for any of her routine care I think 🙂 Phew!


  2. She looks very pleased to be back home on your beautiful farm! I think her little adventure at the training barn was an excellent growing opportunity for you both, but it’s nice to settle back home. Anyway, she seems to think so. More adventures to come, I’m sure :-), and as she matures she’ll take them more calmly. I hadn’t heard of the supplement you used to calm her, but I’m always interested to hear about new ideas.


    1. Doesn’t she!?
      I have to admit, in the privacy of the Internet here, that we had a ridiculous amount of “pony fussing” time together as soon as she got home with me.
      Walks in the grass, grooming, bopping around together looking at the farm and all the new things that have popped up while she’s been gone, silly petting and phony hanging out together in her pen. (Mainly her following around as I cleaned it, and me staring at her eating.) Embarrassing but she absolutely loved it…


      1. That makes me smile and also a little teary (in a good way). SO glad you two have clearly bonded so well, and of course you both needed a bit of homecoming fussing. Being away at training was good but also stressful for you both. How lovely to just unwind by hanging out together. My ponies LOVE it when I take the time to just be with them, even if I’m doing something like cleaning tack while in their paddock, but they can come visit me and “supervise” the experience. You’re inspiring me to do a little more of the above, as I think I’ve been far too task driven in my approach to riding lately.


        1. Great to hear I’m not the only one enjoying some silly pony fussing sometimes 🙂
          I rode Cooper in a lesson today – he did pretty good today and I liked the way he felt. But almost just as gratifying was having him loose in the grassy field for a while after, and going over the coat with a shedding blade.

          (This is why I can probably never become altogether serious with this – I get way too personal with the horses haha. Bet I’ll regret that in less than two weeks, at our next show…) 🙂


    1. I’m very lucky to have her at Blue Horse – now in spring time it’s at its very best. Blooms and green grass!
      Summer soon, and all will be a bit more, hmm, chaparral …?


    1. They really are cool – no real darkening effect with them, and they’ve really cut down on the wind throughout the breeze way.
      There’s still an open section at the top, right above them. Rumor has it that part will be filled in with plexi glass too. (Still leaving openings in each stall of course – this is a very airy barn)

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  3. I love the plexiglass on your new doors. Very cool!

    I’m glad she hauled well and settled in nicely. I’d love to get some of that for hauling Chrome in a trailer. He goes on willingly enough, but he sweats and does not enjoy it at all.


    1. Small steps, hauling with another horse in there definitely helps. But then again, for some of them, it’s always going to be a bit stressful. I’m just lucky to have been able to do A LOT of it this spring together with a friend…


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