Ariat® V Sport Zip Tall Boot Review

Ariat V Sport Zip Tall Boot

Bet your first thought when  looking at them was: -“Are they comfortable?”

And then perhaps: – “You can’t possibly show dressage in them?..”

Just like the Ariat Volant, they are chunky.  Built on a platform designed for comfort, providing cushion under heel and forefoot while flexing in the right places.

Not designed to look slim, sleek and sultry as they squeeze every tender tissue under your foot to death and give absolutely no cushion under your feet as you traipse across a gravely showground the 15th time.

Here they are fresh out of the box.

Ariat V Sport Zip Boot

The blue tops look just like that, not highly visible.  The ankle is slim and the entire toecap and front foot of the boot is slimmer than the Volant model.

Very comfortable, in a Sergio Grasso Walk & Ride sort of way and a Dressage On A Dime sort of budget.

These are the soft sided type of schooling boots you’d not want to pick if you prefer the stiff stovepipes, perhaps combined with a little toe squeezing!

If you prefer to view your legs and feet as part of an athletic package that should be allowed to have a life of their own – perhaps a real career in another sport such as running or hiking – well then, these will fit the bill just right!

Ariat V Sport boot

I really like the feel of these.  The break in period should be super short.  With heel lifts even shorter.  These are my third pair of Ariats, and the foot size stayed true, although they do fit a wee tighter in the forefoot.

Only pick the Slim shaft if you truly know you have slim calves.  I was thrilled to feel they zipped up really tight, just right, in the slims, and with the stretch panel on the side they’re really comfortable.

It’s the perforated sides you’ll have to get over.  A showring shine is not going to be possible.  Here’s a closeup.

Ariat V

The Volant S Zip model is similar.  They, too, do not have a patent leather shine, but the outers are smoother and they’d look worthy at most shows if you’re after more of a modern showboot style.

These, the V Sports, are  much more casual in a mud, sweat, and muzzle slobber sort of way. A Sport boot!

And to answer the second question, these will be in my stirrups during some dressage shows.  OK, just schooling shows.  But it’ll be fine.  And sporty.

Confidently flailing comfortable calves! (They’re awesome!) recently did a feature on Petrie’s take on a tall boot – the Petrie Sydney.

If you’re looking for comfort, but not sold on the edgy look of these Ariats, take a look at their post.  Find it here:  No Pain No Gain?

Dressage On A Dime

10 thoughts on “Ariat® V Sport Zip Tall Boot Review

  1. Those look like they’d be great for everyday riding! Perhaps I’ll set aside my traditional Ariat dressage boots for shows (originally dubbed the Boots from Hell, due to the break-in period) and give these a whirl for schooling. It’s great to see some new designs on the market! Give us an update in a few months.

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    1. That’s just IT – no more boots from hell riding for me! I’ll try to remember to give a little update. If not, just poke me and I will 🙂

      On my first ride, these really poked and made the skin sting right behind the knee (no heel lifts.)
      Second ride, a couple of days later, focusing on relaxed legs most of the ride, was much better. Third ride I never paid a second thought to them – not bad!

      Zippers are chunky and look like they will hold up to some really rough handling. But, they’ve been a bit sticky at the lower parts – I think they will get over that after a few “ups and downs” of zipping.


    1. Thank you SO much for being so nice about my blog. I have a blast writing it, as much as I have time to, and I love to have new followers. Welcome!

      To be honest, I can not truly speak to the robustness of these boots.
      As mentioned, they are my official shooling show boots, and as such, they do not get used on a daily basis.

      I rode in them a LOT for over two weeks to make sure there were no problems (and there weren’t.), did one show, then promptly packed them away.

      Busting them out for the next show in about two weeks. So far they are looking great, absolutely no problems with them, but then again, they’re not used as day to day schooling boots.

      However, my other Ariat Volants, ugly, chunky, but fairly comfortable – have proved to be almost indestructable.
      Several years of use and abuse, encounters with walls, rails, and occasional trees, along with dunking in a water bucket when I get to lazy to properly clean them.
      Still going strong! If the Ariat V Sports are even half like that, I think you’ll be very happy with them 🙂


      1. I would love the Volants but sadly not in my price range 🙂 I bit the bullet and ordered the last pair in my size! Last question- how much have they dropped? Hopefully not too much!

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  2. Hello,
    I’m going between these or the Volant Front Zip boots. Any suggestions on either or if one is more preferable than the other? I mostly train, exercise, and ride for fun in all weather with an outdoor ring only. Would like to show again in the future but that would be in the jumper ring. Any help would be greatly apprectiated!


    1. I think you would be happy with either. One benefit of the front zip is that it can be easier to reach and pull up/down. Also, depending on how you ride (with your leg aids against the horse) the Volant front zips could possibly last longer as the design goes from the front and up to the outside of the boot, so that there’s no wear on the zipper and dirt is no accumulating there. Just a thought. (I haven’t had ANY problems with the zippers though – these ones are tough, and hardy, and I don’t baby them.)
      I like the backzipper look better, as the outside line of the boot is not “broken up”. You know, sort of traditional in dressage not to have zippers on the outside. Also, when I looked briefly at the Volants with the front zipper, they seemed shorter in the shaft. Not an issue for you if you’re looking at jumping I’m sure, but I like the high top look better 🙂
      And then a kicker for me – with the zipper in the back, I can sort of “step on the spur with the other foot” to push it down, and then open the whole zipper all the way down and get out of the boot without removing the spurs. With the front zip, I’d have to unbuckle the spur straps to get out. Really makes a difference when the boots come off and on some four times per day. Hope this helps!? Contact me again any time!


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