Spring Show Season!

Tuesday’s Show Prep trailering up to Nancy’s was a huge success!

Valiosa practiced hanging out next to the trailer with a hay net while I worked with Cooper.  This was a first for her.

She was a trooper, acted like a pro.  (Except getting stuck with her foot in a handmade hay net from an old mini soccer goal, but that sounds so silly we’ll just skip that whole part.)

Cooper did well, give or take some irrational bucking in the indoor.

If we’re both on the same page during the tests at Sunday’s show I know he’s ready to score really well.  With the bucking and some random popping of the right shoulder, we’ll look go home, tail between our legs.

Report from show day coming up Monday next week!

Happily enjoying spring in full bloom.  A few pear trees still in full bloom for two more days.  Valiosa is happier too, perhaps the ThinLine under the saddle has made a difference after all…20150313_144633

She lunged really well in Nancy’s indoor, decent under saddle.  I kept the session to under 30 minutes, with stops for adjusting etc, stopped when she was at her best.

Some easy trotting in simple figures.  Now THAT’S the baby green mare I like to ride!  No irritated stops or random flings to the side.

Today she was even better.  One unplanned exit from the arena, the rest of the super short session she complied very well.

Touched on the canter under saddle since I had Marty there and we could do it on the lunge line.  She was very honest and stayed in control.  There’s hope for us!

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