Awesome Show Results!

Several events happening during Sunday’s show.

Some a bit bad.  Some Major astonishing.  Some sort of entertaining.  Some downright scary.

The bad:

In our first test, I managed to ride the wrong way.  This is the second time I do this.  Really, how many times have you done this??? When does it end??!!

Have some pictures from the video Nancy took for me, grabbed off raw from the phone vid so they’re all grainy.

Very nice square halts all around.

Cooper halt

While the judge, very patiently and encouragingly (AAAAH, thank you Mrs. Linda Betts!) set us on our way, Cooper decided this was the perfect time to take a pee break.  So, right in front of the judges box, he went.

And went…  There was even time to wave to the non existing audience.  Beautiful.  And very professional.

More grainy pictures[1]

We ended the test with a fantastic ride, , to make up for the start, enough for a 66 at TL 1.  Very happy with him after that!

Then, just look how extremely excited and relaxed he was about having to go in again, for the TL 2 test.

Blue Warrior

The Major Astonishing:

Despite feeling nothing like the soft and obedient guy I rode on Friday at home, he still pulled a 75!  Enough for a 2nd place, despite getting a 4 for a wrong lead canter.  (Yes, the pesky left one again.)

Excellent square halts, nice and straight trot diagonals, and as he was tired a bit of the usual tension was gone and he looked more submissive.  I still can’t get over the 75!  Awesome little guy!

Still more grainy pictures

SO proud of him to pull this off in just a few months training and only his second show ever.

Never dreamed scores like these would be possible with him.  Say what?  With a Western Appaloosa?

Most definitely, if I can do this, so can you!

Training Level test 2 results

Lovely to finally see all the work paying off!  That is an extremely happy score sheet above!  Perhaps the best back sheet I’ll ever receive.

The Sort Entertaining:

Cooper was selected by the drug board administration (there’s got to be a much more serious name for this but you get the picture.) for urine testing for illegal substances.

Checking competition horses is done by  randomly selecting horses immediately after exiting the show ring and subjecting them to testing.  California tests a very vast number of horses, within all equestrian disciplines – yey Cali! – and, apparently, they also attend schooling shows.

Secretly, I think they only select pokey, shiny, good lookin’ Blue Roans with bad clip jobs because they want to hang out and admire them and listen to their riders rant about their blogging.  Most definitely.

(More torture with grainy pictures – how about this one, with a heel grip and behind the vertical?  Yum.  Vow to do better than this…)

On the forehand

Nice times were had with the “drug rep”, but despite waiting around for a very lengthy time by the trailer, plus then taking Cooper to a specific “enticing” stall to help him along with his contribution sample, it was a “no go.”

No pee pony here (Hey, he’d already scored in front of the judge with that.), so he was released.

The Scary.

With Cooper tucked into a different stall with hay, I helped getting Nancy’s Gandalf ready for his tests.  Sporting very special braids it would have been fun catching him on picture.

But in the warmup he turned into Mr. Nasty, some nasty hissy fits, throwing Nancy off at the end.  My heart sank, not all clear on the details.  Running out to the arena to Nancy, who remained on the ground for a nauseating scary long time, seemed to take forever.

I rode Gandalf for her for a bit after, and in the lunging pen as well.  Still not clear on why he turned bat crazy – this is TRULY Mr. Steady Eddy, and it was a major let down for the day.

She was left with a swollen shoulder, an ice pack, and I’m sure bruising to come.

Cooper, cute with his ribbon and ready to shower in the washrack, but I mostly just worried about Nancy at this point.

second place

Tomorrow I’ll head up to her place to ride Gandalf for her, and hope to see that she’s all good!

Sorry about such a lengthy post.

19 thoughts on “Awesome Show Results!

  1. Poor Nancy. Send her some healing wishes from me. And let her know baby mama is starting to really show. Her long TB body can’t hide it anymore.

    Congrats on your rides! Wish I could of been there to see them.

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    1. Nancy OK but very sore.
      Her and I are talking about trying to come up and see you and prego mama one of these days 🙂 will have to be after spring break.

      If I make it out to another show I will let you know! 🙂


  2. Wow, what an exciting day. I’m so happy for you and cooper, life is great;) I would love to go watch you sometime since you are in Placerville. Congratulations on a super show.

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    1. Oh Janet thank you so much! It truly was a good show although it ended so abruptly for Nancy and I was very worried about her.

      Heads up. My barn is in Loomis not Placerville! next time you go shopping at Christensen’s saddlery let’s see if you can’t come out and see me too 🙂
      We are very close to the Center of the Loomis.


  3. Congratulations – sounds like a great show! I have to laugh about peeing in front of the judge…if I was in the ring I would have been cracking up, because what else is there to do?

    Maybe Gandalf was stung by a bee or something or like that? Hope his owner is ok.

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    1. Thank you!
      Yes, I was sort of just smiling and waving. What else can you do… 😦

      We were talking today about whether maybe Gandalf is losing a bit of eyesight. Just preliminary but it would explain why he got so crazy there
      We’ll see.


    1. Yes, he has really taken me by surprise. A lot of tension still to deal with and I am not sure how our path to first level will be.

      But after this I am of course very motivated to work on it! 🙂


  4. Congratulations on a great show with very good, some excellent scores. Please give Nancy my best wishes, I hope that she is not seriously injured and that she recovers very quickly.

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    1. Thank you Christine! !!

      I went up to Nancy today and rode Gandalf.

      She is going to be just fine. No problems there and she will be riding soon.
      Just a bit of muscles healing first. And we are both really bummed she didn’t get to ride her test. She has been working especially hard on the lengthening at 1st level, and it would have been great to see at the show.


  5. Well done, Elinor! Cooper looks fantastic in the pictures and what amazing scores! I’ve never seen a score sheet like that 🙂 Don’t know if I ever will, but one can hope. You two are well on your way and it sounds like it’s time for a rated show, eh? Maybe thinking about 1st level soon, too. Poor Nancy and her horse – strange how they sometimes just freak out. I hope she feels better soon, and I’m glad you were there to help her.


    1. Thank you so much!!!
      That was indeed one sweet score sheet. A confidence booster for all involved, Cooper is really on the right track.
      That said, I’m pretty sure we won’t see those scores again… Especially not in a rated show…
      Financially I cannot do rated shows right now. My dream is to wait (for an indefinite time.) and when ready, and someone wants to trailer us (!) register for all memberships and go and ride at several levels during the year.
      A very enthusiastic plan 🙂
      But one can dream…
      For now, we better get the canter transitions solid, before thinking about 1st level.
      Oh, and Nancy is alright. Not riding yet. I’ll ride her horse tomorrow. But I think she’ll heal up fine in the end…


  6. Congrats to you and Cooper! It seems all your hard work paid off! I am not going to pretend I know anything about what you do, but anything you put the work into it, you come out on top. Same with painting, same with running… Happy for you!


    1. Aw, thank you! !! With all the work we put in, it sure is nice to see it pay off… I’m sure it is very much the same for you.

      There are several sacrifices one must do, when short of “specializing”. Makes it all the sweeter when there is a bit of success.
      Which you’re surely very familiar with 🙂

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  7. Poor Nancy! That’s awful! I’m glad she’s okay and I hope this was just a weird, mysterious wild hair moment and that he didn’t do anything like that again. 😦

    Congrats on the show!!!!!!! Wow a 75! So proud of you both!! 😀 The peeing in front of the judge is hilarious. He didn’t have any left for drug testing hehe. That’s so weird that they test at a schooling show…


    1. Nancy is one tough cookie! She’s healed, working her barn, and back to riding. Takes a lot of guts to start it all back up again after a big fall.
      And thank you – I was thrilled with the show too!
      My thought too – weird that they test at a schooling show – I had no idea, but it’s great that they do. California is particularly strict I hear…
      Hope you get Chrome off to a show, too!


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