Project Valiosa – At Home

This week Valiosa gets to go up with me to Nancy’s indoor arena twice!

I never would have thought there’d be several opportunities to get her out so many times on a trailer like this.  It has truly been awesome, and such a great way to expose her to a bit of stuff away from her our home barn!

On Tuesday, worked with her in the arena first, and then she got to practice hanging out untacked by the trailer again, while I rode Gandalf for Nancy.  There’ll be more of the same this morning.

valiosa at nancy's

She did well, did not get stuck in any silly home-made hay nets like last time, but managed to break her baby bridle instead.

So, out of the Remont and into the cavesson bridle instead already.

out of the baby bridle

Yesterday I had wonderful Christel come and visit us at home again, snapping some pictures of the brat, young mare.  Hard to focus with a new audience!


A bit of  – “Talk to the hand!”

hind hoofs

Very pretty hind frogs though.

valiosa trot on lunge

Her canter on the lunge is really coming around.

valiosa lunge canter

Posting simple ridden shots tomorrow of her, at just few weeks under saddle.  Young, inverted, braced, and counterbent, all at the same time.

       Come on back and see them!  You know you want to!

It will make you feel absolutely GREAT about your own riding.


11 thoughts on “Project Valiosa – At Home

  1. Wow her frogs (and whole hooves) look amazing!! Love it! I can’t wait for Chrome’s to look that way!

    She is so gorgeous. She looks great in the grown up bridle. 😀


    1. The dry grounds help a lot, for sure. And going out 24/7 as she does now. I know you’ve had a lot of troubles and work with him, with soaking and all (Seriously, you’ve got to be the most patient soaker ever – I really liked the posts about making a home made soaking boot – I would have given up almost immediately! 😉
      I love her new bridle – hopefully she wont rip it apart the very first year like she did with the little brown one…


      1. Ugh!! I just did those homemade soaking boots on the new horse Rocky (he has BAD thrush) and it was a disaster!! I am going to have to buy some soaking boots I guess. Chrome is so easy that he makes it a breeze… I can’t really blame Rocky though. He’s in a lot of pain so we were having a lot of trouble with him. I’ll post about it tomorrow. I have to admit my patience ran out and hubby had to finish it though. :\


          1. I didn’t get the post up. We were having power outages so I left my computer off. I’ll try to get it done soon but we have to soak him again today so it might be tomorrow or even this weekend.


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