Baby Green Mare Under Saddle

Still not much control over her shoulders.

I’m still mostly keeping the ridden part to under 20 minutes.

march trot

But she’s not running out of the arena any more, and she listens calmly to trot, walk, halt transitions.  Baby steps!

valiosa trot march

Mostly I just care about her going straight forward, with as little wobbling as possible.  Easier said than done.


With her so young and green, it really feels like a balancing act, for both of us.  Makes you appreciate riding an experienced horse so much more…

not running out of the arena

I love it how she tries very hard to understand.  She probably mostly loves it when I get off.

We muddle on!


14 thoughts on “Baby Green Mare Under Saddle

    1. It’s so exciting to see how she’s evolving. With some luck, she’ll become a bit more consistent in the mouth later on too. She’s very chewy and bopping right now. A moment here n there of going good.
      Then it all unravels.
      You know how it goes:)


    1. Aren’t they cute!?
      My first sort of “out there” pair of breeches!

      So happy to hear you like what I’m doing with Valiosa. She’s coming around nicely – although slowly, as this is the very first horse I’ve ever handled and backed entirely from the start. Sharp as a cookie – I know she’ll keep me on my toes 🙂

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  1. She looks lovely! I think all green horses feel like a balancing act…both physically and mentally. It’s a really delicate period but it sounds like you’re taking it slow and building a really solid foundation with her. Kudos to you! 🙂 That takes a lot of time and dedication.


    1. Thank you! She’s the sweetest little thing. We have become very close through a lot of work around each other on the ground, but the ridden part in the arena is sort of a puzzle. She’s surprisingly firm in her mouth contact – something I wasn’t expecting since I’ve always handled her lightly (and everything else about her is light) and I thought a hard mouth came through hard hands.
      It will be interesting to see how she evolves 🙂


  2. I feel like I am commenting on everything you are posting! Lol but I do have to say I am learning about how shite my balance is because TJ dramatically sways like he’s drunk whenever I lose my center. Funny how influential our bodies are!


  3. Great pictures!!! She looks so awesome! I can’t believe she’s only been under saddle for a few weeks at the time these were taken. I’m impressed. 😀 I’ve been riding Chrome three years now and still don’t have much shoulder control LOL! I really wish I could take lessons…

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    1. Thank you!
      I should say that for every decent picture, there’s about 3 that look absolutely haywire too though! She’s definitely NOT consistent just yet, despite us now being in the middle of summer and all.
      It will all come together – just keep plugging away with Chrome. He’s a big muscular guy and the Friesian in him might not be making him the most supple. That said, I know he will continue to grow with you and soon you will both be fabulous! These things take time, and I know how difficult it is without lessons…


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