How soon will this mare grey out? You be the judge!

Valiosa, experiencing all 50 Shades Of Grey very quickly.

With no modesty.  At this rate, she’ll be all grayed out in just a couple of years?  More or less?  Tell me what you think!

Check out the progression.  First picture is from end of winter/early spring 2014.

At her breeder’s, age 2 1/2:

Valiosa at 2 1/2 years

Last December , at my barn, 2014, age 3 1/2:

Winter Blue Roan

Also this winter, barely a few months ago (The dark points still there):


This spring, 2015, not fully shed out for summer, age closer to 4:

In round pen

canter in round pen


canter in round pen


How long do you think it will take until she’s all grayed out?  I’ve seen the process drag out for more than 16 years, or completely done with in less than 4.

Never tried the “poll button” so just had to give it a go!



Easter Saturday Update:

(Poll is still open!)

Looks like so far 58% of you think she’ll grey out by 8 years old.  I’ll go with what the majority says!  Expecting to find a shiny white mare in the barn summer of 2019!  (That seems really far off now, typing it out.)


13 thoughts on “How soon will this mare grey out? You be the judge!

    1. Haha. Most days 🙂
      I DO officially declare the dark Blue Roan to be the ultimate dirt forgiving color ever. Neutralizes urine stains like no other, and grey/whitish dirt just looks like speckles.
      But no, I must continue to ride white horses Haha! 🙂
      I love them, and think they’re gorgeous, but, argh, the grooming…


    1. It’s a tough call, really. She greyed out tremendously this spring, but has settled now.Then she might get to keep darker points for years, really not sure. I’ll go with the three more years 🙂


  1. Chrome is six and she’s as light as or lighter than him!! Wow! She’s graying out fast! I voted for gray by six, but I think she’ll keep some dark patches on her legs for years, so I didn’t mean completely white I guess lol.

    I still have no idea when Chrome will be completely gray. He’s finally dappling this year some. He got a LOT lighter this year when he shed out than in previous years. It seems to go faster the further along they get. His legs would still be really dark if he didn’t scratch all the hair off of them from bug bites.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how her color progresses over the next couple of years!

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    1. Coming home from vacation, I saw she was all of a sudden sporting white hairs on the underside of the mane. They turned white in just a few weeks – it’s going fast! 🙂


  2. Hi Elinor, what a fun post! It will still be a surprise, but she is getting pretty light already isn’t she? Does she have Lipizan bloodlines (her name sounds like she is a Lipizan horse)? Hippach is a Dutch warmblood and pretty black with tiny light speckles al over his body and a light brown undertone (strange combination haha) and then a grey face and a tail that is almost white hahaha. Maybe he will turn out to be a swan someday. I think he is strange but gorgeous already ❤


    1. First off, he’s absolutely stunning! Too young yet to know his final color. And also, if they’d sort of given up on him, (?) he may not have had a balanced diet for months. Sometimes that can cause a sort of light brown or copper color. At least here in California, where the sun bleaches the coats really hard. Most black horses turn a copper hue here in their summer coat…
      No Lipizan in Valiosa. They are very rare here. She’s a half bred Andalusian. I named her myself 😉 Means Valuable in Spanish. A name for her to live up to!

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      1. Ah well he does have a light brown or copper colour and they told me when they decided to sell him that they have deprived him of food and water for several weeks in order to keep him calm while riding (as if it is completely normal)… But the poor horse was probably in pain because he has kissing spines 😦
        I think Valiosa is a beautiful name!! Well chosen! Half Andalusian. I love Lipizans and Andalusians. When I choose my own subjects in painting I often choose these breeds (like the magical unicorn for example). 😀


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