Easter Week Family Visit

The boys haven’t been out to the farm since the winter school break. 

During spring break, there was finally an opportunity to take them (or perhaps bribing and forcing).

I was hoping for some of this, like at Christmas break.

Winter Break

Horses are very good for little boys.  Well, a bit of petting and friendly brushing was about all she got.  Then, they were at a standstill.

Eh, Hello

We took a mini outing at Traylor Ranch instead.  My baby mare, in general more patient than the two lovely boys.

Easter Trail Ride

Valiosa had her first close meet up with the deer that graze in the Traylor Ranch bird reservoir.  We all stayed on our toes, and stuck to our own path.

Deer at Traylor Ranch

Highlight of the day was really riding Cooper.

He is becoming straighter, more forward, a bit more connected.  He is so much fun to work with, and a challenge with all his quirks!

When looking at this, I really Do think there’s hope for First Level eventually.  See?

The little Blue Warrior

Happy Easter!   Come back in a few days – I’ll be doing a special little feature on him as compared to last summer!

10 thoughts on “Easter Week Family Visit

    1. Thank you! Oh I DO hope that will be true – I’d really like to take him to First Level, AND have him do well.
      Sure, he can sort of swing most of it by now, but I’d like him to feel lovely, and soft, and focused, all at the same time, WHILE existing in the showring. A lot to ask right now 😉
      So, we muddle on at home a bit.


    1. Now with the summer heat going on, I haven’t seen any deer out there at all. With the entire state of California in a drought, I’m wondering if it will hit the deer population too hard. Really hope to see them back in the fall!


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