Cooper – Before and After

Such a sucker for Before and Afters.

Seriously, if you have a post on it, I’d love to see it!  I just think it’s very inspirational!

Here’s Cooper, the little (but hugely powerful) Blue Roan I have been riding at Blue Horse Farm.  He came with a light Western Start, and then not much work at all…

Starting up as a pasture potato last July.  All flab, dull, and with a sliding stop.

Coming in to work July

Notice, too, the little thin wisp of an Appaloosa tail.  We mostly walked up and down the hills at Castle Rock Farm, some trotting in the arena.

7 Weeks later, slimmed down and no longer a walking founder waiting to happen.  A little thin chickin’ neck instead.

Neck starting out, 7 weeks later

The neck now.  Surely he looks stronger?  Not visible is his huge (ewe neck) under-neck muscle that I’m trying to encourage going away.

Neck in April

Here we are during Easter Week.

I have a lot of fun training together with Cooper!  He’s full of tricks, all aimed the opposite of rhythm, relaxation, submission, or suppleness.

Cooper strutting his appaloosa stuff


Cooper April 2015


Blue Roan

Thank you SO much for checking in on us!  Struggling as an adult amateur dressage rider is hard work.

I always find it inspiring to see others working with their less than stellar horses and making progress.  Especially if they are less than stellar riders!


If I can do this, so can you!

A couple of earlier “Before & Afters below:”

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15 thoughts on “Cooper – Before and After

    1. Yes – loving seeing improvement. ANY kind of improvement. He’s a sweet looking boy – but sort of pokey looking next to the warmbloods of course 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today!!

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        1. Well, he’ll be perfect. Just getting him to keep his balance, and know where his legs are, and then he’ll be super floaty and impressive looking!


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