Colt Update

Love hearing back from readers!

If there’s anything you want to hear about, let me know!  A few readers have asked to hear more about the colts that keep popping up in the background on the blog.  So, here’s a quick update on Blue Horse 2013 warmblood colts as requested.

colts running in grass

These colts, Middleton and Maverick, belong to Blue Horse farm and are not mine.  Rumor has it that one might be for sale later this year, hopefully to a show home.

Here is a year in recap on them.


January 2014, during gelding clinic, before weaning.

Pat, holding on to his little boy while still drowsy.

Pat, holding on to his little boy while still drowsy.

I have had so many clicks on the January gelding clinic in the pasture.  Sorry to say none of the pictures show any details…

February 2014 in pasture.

Both mares and colts were still hanging out together one last month as a herd before weaning.


March, on their own in pasture.

They would come in each night in the barn, then bumbled around all day together in the grass, running across the hills.  This was at Castle Rock Farm and they had a very large space to roam.

Colts in March


April, cantering happily in their grass pasture every day.

Doing their honor lap every morning.

colts running free


July, 1-year olds, trouble makers during rides in the arena at Castle Rock Farm.  As soon as I was done with the warm up walk, ready to start, they’d sprint around, hooves thundering.  Of course they stopped, looking innocent, as soon as someone took a picture.

Colts making trouble in pasture


Spring at the new Blue Horse Farm.

Big happy boys, coming 2 this summer.  This is Middleton, talking with his horse trainer.  Maverick is still here too, in a parallel pasture.


Drop me a note if you’d like to talk to their owner about taking one home to start training next year.  ♥  Not yet offered for sale, but it never hurts to ask.

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    1. No, but I wish 😉
      It was my very first thought too, when I heard the name…
      But, no. And I didn’t name the barn. I think the owner hadn’t heard of BlueHors. However that can be possible 🙂

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      1. Well it’s on each side of the planet, som i guess it’s possible 😉
        My mare’s dad was sold to America, and i often wonder what has become of him, he was a bluehors and a really nice one too… So when i read your post i thought if there was a connection, maybe you would know what happent to him… A long shot but anyway! 😉


        1. I often wonder what become of Any of all the horses I’ve encountered. Understand you wonder about the stallion. I bet if he was from BlueHors he’s been cherished and probably is still standing stud if available. Try google is name he might just pop up 🙂

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