Things are looking up!

Feeling very hopeful with Valiosa’s work lately.

You want a sensitive, brave, easy and personable horse with hard little hooves and a bit of a race car attitude sometimes – then an Andalusian cross is the way to go!

Other than being an extremely small horse, she’s turning out to be more than one could ever dare to wish for.  (A tiny thing, last measured at 15.1, and a half.  I’ll have my vet do it again late fall once she’s well past 4.)

With a whopping 58.33% of you voting in my poll for Valiosa going grey by 8 years old I’m enjoying her beautiful blaze for as long as it lasts.  She’ll be stunning all grown up, just like Jaworzno below.


This is truly a great time of year;

Heat has not yet set in.  Feeling energized and productive everyday.  Grass is still green.  Enjoying the last couple of weeks before summer sets  in!

Both horses are going really well.  Everybody is healthy.  The new saddle works, and Valiosa is definitely settling in with her riding.

Wonderful times!  I can’t wait to see how she evolves.

For all the hard work put in, it’s SO nice and rewarding to see all the nice results.  Incredibly happy with both this mare and gelding now, and loving being at the new Blue Horse Farm!

Cooper April

That’s  one happy Cooper above.  As soon as this post goes live, we can all sit back and watch things unravel, going terribly wrong, and life return to normal again.

Have a beautiful week!

2 thoughts on “Things are looking up!

  1. LOL!! That is how it seems to go sometimes haha. I’m glad you’re living in the moment and enjoying it while you can hehe.

    By the way 15.1 and a half is not small. Chrome is only 15.2hh hehe. Maybe I’ve just gotten chicken as I’ve gotten older, but I’m kind of glad he didn’t get any taller. 🙂


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