Aggravated Easter Egg

Poke, don’t provoke, or it shall explode.

Previous saddle

This was in the previous saddle, where she’d be a bit sensitive at the start of each session, no matter how gentle.  Side reins, no side reins, voice, no voice.

She’s mostly dropped the Easter-Egg-With-A-Razorblade-Surprise attitude, retorting to a mere squeal at the first canter transition, which is OK in my book under age 4.

I’m so pleased with how she’s coming along.  Snail paced improvements, but they’re there.

Especially proud of her leading a trail walk last week, with my friend Christel on Cooper following behind.  (Yay Christel!!!)  With his trail-snorty self tucked in safely behind the baby mare, he was just fine.  And she didn’t even think about kicking out.  Wonderful baby!

She’s been going in the trailer to the Loomis Basin Arena with me and Nancy once a week, even twice last month, each time a new experience.

Cooper is still the better mover of the two.  He often comes out on the lunge line moving absolutely scrumptious.  No dopey Quarterhorse jog – he can float, with power.  Appy-Quarter and all.  I’d love to be able to ride him just the same way.  Back lifted, stretched, very forward.  It has yet to happen.

Here’s our little barn, but hidden.  Grass is mowed now, you can actually see it.

The Barn

6 thoughts on “Aggravated Easter Egg

    1. Yes, but being Northern California, inland, it means all that pretty grass will be all burned out within less than two weeks. Usually no rain until end of October. I ADORE the winters here, everything green and mild. Summers, nah.
      Right now, the horsies are nice and fat from all the spring grass 🙂

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  1. She is utterly adorable! You mentioned she is half-Andalusian before: what is the other half? I’m wiping the drool from my keyboard.

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