The war is on

The fly season has descended on us. 

At your place too, of course,

We’re fighting back this year, from every angle.

Fly Spray, Fly masks, grading of pastures, a very delayed application of Fly Predators (Yes it’s late,  aaaah, it might be too late!) and, new for this year, Feed through Solitude IGR, although it hasn’t been started yet.  Until the effects all set in, Valiosa will get a month of some Bugg Supps.  They stink enough to make me think they’ll work.

3 in 1 BugLyte

All the people in Florida are just laughing at us of course, and our miniscule flies.  Me, I’m about ready to don an ear hood myself.

As for a status update on the ridden parts: 

Well, lets just say, sometimes it’s best to just recharge at home and try again another day…

My best recharge tip:

  • 1 Pink Polka Dot Pyjamas
  • 2 Spotted Dalmatians
  • 1 Home Made Fleece Blanket
  • 2 Home Made Boys – sort of under the blanket here.

Dalmatians in bed

It’s all good.  Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

6 thoughts on “The war is on

  1. Cute pups!
    You are right, bug season in general has exploded with a vengeance. Driving home from my lesson last night it sounded like it was raining…time to wash the car again! Curious to hear if you think the supplement makes a difference.

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    1. Oh, Sorry. I just realized that we’ve now officially started Solitude IGR on all 5 horses on the farm as of yesterday. Thought the shipment would take longer to come in. So, with that, we should already see a huge decrease in new little flies over the course of the next two weeks. The fly predators will take care of the rest of the new borns. So, not sure how I’ll be able to rate the BugLyte – with all three combined we should be just about completely fly free…


    1. Well, I can report back that the Feed Through Solitude IGR works excellent. The BugOff, not so sure, but with the feed through, we’re almost ENTIRELY fly free. There is a pond on the property, and some irrigation, so there are still some areas where flies can breed and survive, but there are very little. Happy 🙂


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