Happy Mouth

He called me from far off in the mountains, stranded, with his bicycle.

My husband.  Of course I’d go and get him.  He’s a really good guy.

Soaked, crusty and dehydrated myself from a long run, I had to throw on some clothes, grab a bottle, instruct the pouting 10-year old to fix up something quick for himself as lunch to bring in the car, and head out to rescue the bicyclist.

Long winding road, ending in Pilot Hill.  (Yes, there are horse properties to gawk at on the way up at least.) 10-year old finally threw up during the ride down, three times, in the parking lot at Falcon Crest.

A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

With hubby safe at home, I announced I’d be shopping for tack right away.  As a punishment.  It seemed like the right thing to do.  Of course you get the immediate logic in this.

Happy Mouth Loose Ring Shaped Mullen Mouth

So, a little Happy Mouth Loose Ring Shaped Mullen Mouth is in the tack room now…

It doesn’t really get any milder than this, and it can be a great bit for a young horse.  I hope she’ll like it.


Next time he’s stuck, perhaps some new Fleece Boots.  These here, recently spanking new, already look tattered.

Dover Fleece Leg Boots

11 thoughts on “Happy Mouth

    1. 😉
      So, then you know all about the diaper pants look when he is kind enough to cycle out to your barn here and there 🙂

      Well, anyway, I felt bad for begrudging him a ride at first, he would drop everything to come out and get ME if roles were reversed. But with the young son puking and all, well, something had to give! 🙂
      Tried the new bit this morning!


  1. Is your son okay? Why throwing up?? I hope he’s okay. That sounds like a sucky day, but I’m glad you got some retail therapy. I hope she loves the bit!


    1. He’s just very easily carsick, and this was a very long windy road up, and then down, a hill with hairpin turns.
      She likes the bit, quietly holding it in her mouth, but I don’t feel that she necessarily listens very good to it. Sometimes a Mullen Mouth can have sort of a “Dull” feel, since it is not jointed.
      Right now, we’re back to our kind double jointed Copper Loose Ring Snaffle. More activity in the mouth, but she seems to like it fairly well. I’d love to try something different with her in a month or so, perhaps a quiet Egg Butt with an even thinner mouthpiece that may give more room in the mouth. A puzzle, to find “just the right fit” for them…
      And I refuse to use any sharp stuff. Ever.


      1. Aww poor kiddo! I get carsick too but it’s gotten a lot better as I’ve gotten older. I can even read in the car on straight roads now. 😀

        That’s too bad about the bit. I’ve noticed the same thing with Chrome on his double jointed bit. He listened much better on the single jointed. If I tried that happy mouth I’d probably have no control at all lol. I’m glad your double jointed is working for now.

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