Cooper’s 1st Level Debut

Training Level 2

Wonderful time!

Fantastic weather, we had CLOUDS, can you believe it!?

Super fun to go as a group with Nancy and Liz, and my husband did a celebrity visit and took an awesome amount of pictures.

Cooper had a hard time with the warmup arena.  Very tense, rushy, and in general not exactly obedient.

Since this was only his third show, and we never ride with other horses in the arena at home, it wasn’t really a surprise.  Still, some nice moments during the tests.


He did wonderful in Training Level Test 2 .  We rode even better than last time, got a lower but absolutely more realistic score, 63.3.

Amazingly, did not ride the wrong way as usual.  Instead I forgot an important piece of equipment, the saddle

Nancy came to the rescue and these pictures feature Cooper and me in her Passier fit for a well endowed Canadian Warmblood.  It was waterskiing seat all over again…

Coopers Test

With a long first warmup, an hour and a half break until the First Level Test 1 class, and an other, shorter, warmup before that test, he felt pretty cooked toward the end.

One medium trot on a short diagonal was non-existent, (got a 4 there) and some uncalled for canter steps elsewhere due to tension – he wanted to come to a walk and had to be kicked on.

Very happy with him! 61.7.  4th place for both classes.

If we could stay together like this a bit longer in the canter it would be even better!


Some more canter pictures on Wednesday – stop by again!

Also, doesn’t it just really stink when the hair bun somehow pushes the entire helmet down so you can barely see! This can’t continue to happen, aaaah!

Cooper's Third Show

Did we have fun?! 

Beautiful day, wonderful friends and support!  Crazy little frisky blue horse!  Happiness in a crackerbox!

All Done

Thank you Mari & Ron Naten and Pacific Equestrian Center for creating these shows for us to go to!

16 thoughts on “Cooper’s 1st Level Debut

  1. You two look fabulous! Now it’s time to get the equipment in order so that you can focus. Make a checklist for the show so that you remember the saddle (!!!!), and either buy yourself a helmet that really fits properly, or figure out a way to fix your hair so that your helmet is not pushed down on your forehead. Maybe you can ignore things like helmets in your eyes, or saddles that don’t fit, but I find that there are enough things to think about in a dressage test without equipment irritations. Believe me: the right equipment really DOES help.

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    1. No kidding!
      I’m a control freak and of course I had a list. At home; )
      Well, it’s all a learning game.
      The helmet, argh, perhaps I might just shave it all off. Swear if it didn’t feel like riding and being a toddler at the same time!
      Still loved the show!


      1. I laughed out loud at your comment on riding and being a toddler at the same time. Yes! I know the feeling of having a helmet tilting over your eyes. So annoying! I like the IRH ones (inexpensive), or Uvex (much nicer and more adjustable, but more expensive). For something you wear daily, it needs to fit and feel right (and VENT). I make lists and then leave them at home, too :-). Not very useful sitting at home, is it? I kick myself when that happens. It does get much, much easier.


        1. I’ve been loving on my helmet, for training at home, since it is UBER lightweight and the most breathable thing I’ve been able to find.
          I am a tender Swedish girl after all, and some 6 months of riding in oppressing heat tends to cook the few brain cells that are left. (I’m sweating in March already, seriously.)
          However, for shows, something’s gotta give! I might put one of those Uvex beauties on my wish list for Christmas…

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          1. Hot brains are not a pretty sight. Cool is good! The Uvex sales lady sold me when she told me she lived in Florida and rode in one all the time and it kept her comfortable. True? I hope so. I haven’t faced that kind of heat/humidity here in the SF Bay Area.

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          2. OK, sounds promising!

            Of course no humidity here in the foothills, but huge, awful amounts of heat, of course. I’ll ask around among local riders to see how they feel about the Uvex. (Not the ones riding in indoor arenas with shade, only us little eggs in the frying pan apply)


    1. Thank you 🙂
      It’s funny, isn’t it, how quickly we forget where it all started?
      I’m super focused on our wild canter difficulties, and almost ignorant of how difficult it was for to just ride him straight down the long side in trot just last fall. Time to remember that!
      I AM proud of him! 🙂


  2. Congrats!!! Good job!! He looks fabulous. I love all of the pictures.

    Also I lied… I did laugh… because you forgot the saddle! That sounds like something I would do!!!! I’m glad your friend came through for you. 🙂

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