Young Horse Training

It’s exciting.

It’s exhilarating.

It’s endearing.  And unnerving.  All at the same time.

Backing, breaking, and basic training Valiosa has been a snap and a marathon all at the same time.  Huge progress here and there.  Dumbfounding ridiculous “Sour-Pony-Trotting” staleness as well.

Perhaps you’re in the same shoes?  An adult amateur, training a young horse with hope of doing a bit of dressage down the line.  (And sort of wondering why on earth you’re always stuck with a young, relatively untrained horse and not out competing, but still loving it…)

If so, my posts from when I started with Valiosa in Late November, 2014 might be fun to read.

For anyone who’s done this successfully multiple times, it will be a drag, and I wouldn’t think it be worth a read.  (I’m already working a bit with a third young horse, and haven’t even cared to post about him here.)

Early Morning. Time To Get On.

Early Morning.  Time To Get On.

A treat, training with her.

Humbling, training with her.  Lucky, to be training with her.  And also very ugly.

Want to look like a complete beginner all over again?  Flailing elbows, unsteady posting, flopping upper body, and a wobbly middle, where most of your “steering” (I can’t even call it aids, because they’ve been so coarse.) comes from strange leaning a panicky “leading with the inside hand?”

YES?!  Well then, riding a young green horse is for you.

Cooper seems advanced in comparison…

Very lucky to have these two horses to ride.

They’re beautiful.  Healthy.  Wonderful, and quirky, to be around.

From the last adventure when I brought both horses up to ride in Nancy's indoor.

From the last adventure when I brought both horses up to ride in Nancy’s indoor.  Impossible for both to look normal at the same time.  So we’ll do a double!

Valiosa, in Mule pose

Valiosa, in Mule pose

7 thoughts on “Young Horse Training

  1. Sometimes I want to sell wiz and never get a young horse again!! But those moments it all finally clicks and you make progress on a horse you’ve brought up yourself are so awesome that it’s why I keep coming back 🙂

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    1. See, that’s just it, isn’t it. As challenging and humbling it is, there really is a very special and different feel to get to be part of it ALL, from the beginning.
      Wishing you the best of luck!

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  2. Yep everything you just said sounds like me and Chrome. I think I’m going for some kind of record though dragging this stage on for three years hahahaha. You’re making great progress with both horses!!


    1. You’re not the only one, be sure of that! I’ve had a very good year, and support from friends. This is NOT easy stuff, as I’m sure you know, and we should both think that it’s completely OK for it to take as long as it needs to take 🙂
      From what I’ve seen, you’ve got your hands pretty full with all sorts of things, but you’ve still managed to get really far with Chrome!


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