Summer Riding

Summer is here.  Over the next 10 weeks, the horses will just be ridden here and there since my boys are out of school.

As a kick-start, they’ll have an full 3 week break, then another one in July.  This will be very motivating, for every one.

(Takes a lot of motivation to endure the frying pan hot dust bowl in July.)

Next show might be in August.  Not sure if I can get Cooper ready, but would love to do T 3 and First 1.  He can gain weight in just one week of inactivity…

Cooper in the washrack

Cooper in the washrack

Rule of stress:

When starting to pack up to leave the country for several weeks, one must immediately make up a little something extra to worry about.

Just to add to the stress.  To fret, frantically.

Right now, increased suspicion that Valiosa might be hiding a surprise baby in her very small belly.  Well, more on that at the end of next month.

Dressage On A Dime

23 thoughts on “Summer Riding

    1. A baby was never on the wishlist…
      I brought her home Thanksgiving week.

      Apparently there may (or may not, as nothing has been confirmed yet. ) have been an exposure last summer.


      1. Well, well, well. Keep us posted! If there is a baby, I sure hope it is a nice one. Maybe you can sell it and make a little money? But maybe she’s just a bit plump. We’ll see.

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  1. Wait…. Valiosa?? Pregnant???? How did that happen?????? You don’t have any stallions do you?

    Have fun on your trip. Try not to stress (I know it’s impossible haha).

    I love that picture of Cooper! So cute!!!!!!


      1. Oh, and wouldn’t you know (This would have been right up your alley!), the stallion was a Friesian.
        No matter the cuteness level, I am very relieved she is not going to be foaling – it’s not on our agenda. Phew!
        (She really fooled me well though, with increasing midline swelling in front of the udder and all.)


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