Swedish Summer Magic

Beautiful Swedish Girls

Summer Eve Riding at Ljungskile Ridklubb, Sweden.

My superstar niece in the middle.  The girls getting ready for a jumping lesson.

Ljungskile Ridklubb

I think it’s so great to get to visit new barns when possible.  Seeing how everything is done the same, yet different.  Saw a very popular covered group pasture feeder with individual slots in many pastures here.  Ingenious!

Just 4 years ago, my niece was jumping here on a lazy Fjord horse in the indoor.  This time, all the teenage girls were  in the out-door.  Almost grown up.

Ljungskile Ridklubb

Lower-height course as a warm up.  Extra exciting as someone fell off.  No harm done.  Had it been me, I’d have broken at least one bone.  Or a hip.

This time, it only meant there’d be cake.  Swedish tradition means you’re supposed to bring a cake after falling off.  Or did, as it’s been a life time since I attended.  Not sure if it’s still practiced.

There’s a LOT of falling off there.  Ask me how I know…

Ljungskile Ridklubb

The summer light went on.  And on.

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