Pregnant? Or not?

Me personally, I think the dead giveaway is the lower lip, below.

Hanging lip

No question about it, right, she’s super pregnant!??  This is all one needs to see, the lower lip!

This was her, all the time, droopy lipped like an overripe peach, right before I left for my trip to the right side of the Atlantic.

No one else agrees, but I think I know her well enough by now to be right, despite the lack of other, more obvious signs.

Such as a huge belly.  This one here, not exactly a clear tip-off to much of anything.

maiden mare

Well, how about this one?!

maiden mare

Houston, we’ve got a problem!

Stop by in a couple of days.  There will be a professional answer.  A true Cliffhanger.

In the meantime, feel free to chime in with your own guess.

Or at least your own story of purchasing a mare in November, suspecting pregnancy, and then being happily relieved when she tested OPEN in June.  Sounds like a good bedtime story now.

9 thoughts on “Pregnant? Or not?

  1. She doesn’t look preggers to me. But again what do I know, I was starting to doubt if Stella was in foal. She hid it so well. It will be fun to hear the verdict on Valiosa. We can be foal mommies together if she is. 😀

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