Results are in!

The sort of weather where snakes take over.

Running their bodies in disgusting patterns across the heated ground, the visual of their scales screaming out a warning in an instant, before that next foot hits the ground.

100 F forecasted.  107 F tomorrow.

Perfect day to ride your could-be-pregnant-or-possibly-fat-and-in-need-of-a-whoopin’-mare up the road to the vet.

Quick ultrasound.

She’s open!  Blurry ovaries, or small aliens, depending who’s reading, showed up on the screen.

No foal.  Such a huge relief! (Small dancing on the side!)  Feeling SO happy – we can go on just like planned!

Rode her straight out of the vets office and out on the trail.


Trotted the entire loop around.  Since someone obviously need to shape up.

Apparently, she’s going through a bit of a false pregnancy, which would explain the midline swelling in front of the udders and increasing discharge.

swelling in front of udder

Just look at that!

The personality change with her being extremely snuggly and calm – we’ll just chalk it up to good training.  Perhaps about to change now, because someone is going to have to wake up!

Feeling “udderly” silly, but relieved not to have to spend more time crouched down like this, staring up under her belly!

False Pregnancy
Next problem please!

2 thoughts on “Results are in!

    1. Not sure how common. I DO know it does happen sometimes after live cover only, when the mare’s body somehow really does think she’s pregnant after slipping a foal.
      Possibly this happened to Valiosa, I didn’t purchase her until November, long after breeding season.


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