It’s a girl!

new born foal

My friend’s mare had her filly yesterday!!!

Below, fresh out of the oven.

New Born FillyShe’s going to be a star – just look, in the spotlight already!  (OK, early morning flashlight here, but anyway!)

And I’m extra happy now with this planned baby, not Valiosa’s litte “possible surprise.”
Just a few hours later, hanging out with her proud mommy.

Brand new foal
Such a little cute angular thing.  Their legs always seem twice too long the first months.  Looks like she’ll look just like her mom!

Big congratulations to everyone!  I’m so happy for you!!
new filly
A wonderful little filly!  No definite name yet – if you’d like to chime in with a suggestion, we’re all ears!  I liked Domino, but it’s a filly, not a colt!

From what I’ve heard something with a D is preferred…

14 thoughts on “It’s a girl!

  1. congratulations on the happy delivery? I am thinking this is a Donnerhall line filly, in that case a lovely and feminine D name would be amazing:) I have a list for my barn of wishful names for fillies, I only hope for fillies but you know it is a 50/50 proposition:)
    a few of my favorites:
    Dona Fantastique
    Dona ( any feminine name from Dams stallion line) This has been many of my fillys names with different daddies.
    I usually pick a barn name which is a short version of the original legal papered name. Have fun naming this lovely girl:)

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    1. Oh thank you Janet!
      Yes, very happy delivery, she came out in some 8 minutes or something.
      She is a Thoroughbred cross, and will grow up tall and muscular with her lines. LOVE all your suggestions – you if anyone should have some great practice with this!! 🙂

      That’s the second vote for Dahlia – I think it Rocks! Can’t wait to see what her name will be 🙂


  2. I love all the name choices!
    Here I had a feeling baby was going to be a boy so picked out Donamyte or Donpendence(due date was July 4th).
    A beautiful little girl popped out instead.

    Sire is Don De Marco so good call on the Donnerhall lines. Half brother to him.


    1. See – Janet knows what she’s talking about 🙂
      Love the name suggestions! Any one else is welcome!
      Hmm, I’ll got with Donna Marcela. (Ella for short. Love the “E” Names :0 )


  3. I like Ella but it’s too close to Stella.
    Everyone seems to be leaning towards Donavinia. Looks like that will be her name. Still not set in stone though.

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