Roadblock. In The Hock.

Gorgeous morning, but things didn’t turn out as planned at all.

Valiosa only had this to serve up today.


Not on a silver platter, and definitely not my type of cookies at all.

Large, hard, swelling on the outside of her hind.  Not visibly lame, but stepping slightly short at the walk on the lunge.  Not at all what we had planned for.

Name any reason, and I’ll probably say, – “Yes, that would be it!”

Insect sting, small bruise from something in pasture since she’s a horse and that’s what they do, or a hematoma from running full blast and falling down, swelling from sleeping on a rock, skin allergy reaction, muscle strain from change in living environment and arena footing, or debilitating and career ending joint injury – it’s a toss-up…

Thoroughly disheartened, I’m posting some happy pictures from her second ride in the arena instead.

the giraffe

She still looks and rides like a baby.


Although not very visible here, there are a lot of jumps in there.  Somehow we will practice dressage among them all.  Yes, it will work.

No spook just looky

Valiosa July

Life, never too comfortable.

11 thoughts on “Roadblock. In The Hock.

  1. Oh Elinor, I am so sorry. Breathe deep and try not to burn the bridge before you get to it. Almost certainly this is just a minor thing (little bump/bruise, insect bite, etc., etc.). Give it a day or so and see what happens. NOT a career ending injury, that’s for sure. Not there, not at this age. She looks fantastic in the pictures, by the way. Growing up beautifully! And what a lovely big arena you have now. Very soon you two will be making wonderful progress (my prediction).

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    1. Horse Sage, to the rescue!
      Thank you for calming me down 🙂 Was sweating buckets today. Valiosa, of course, seemed completely unbothered,
      and then managed to completely flail around like kite in a storm when turned out in a large pasture while other horses simultaneously decided to throw a crazy frenzy party just for kicks. So much for resting the leg. (Back in paddock now of course and will stay there for some time.)
      I just worry since I’ve never seen any signs of strain in her legs, and I check them meticulously.

      Appreciate you looking out for us, and keeping me sane!


    1. Thank you! You if anyone know the agony of facing a huge obstacle like this, not really knowing what it is, or how long it will take…
      I’ll be back out every day now to check on the progress.
      Know you’ve been there. ..


  2. She’s so beautiful! I hope the swelling goes away quickly and that it’s not a big deal. Horses are so good at injuring themselves… it’s annoying… Rocky scraped a bunch of skin off of his forehead somehow… and has a hug bug bite under his jaw…. 😦


    1. Oh no Poor Rocky!! He was supposed to get better in his feet – not go and ding up his head! I hope it’s nothing you’ll have to spend too much time tending too. You’ve got enough already!

      Thought about you the other day, riding through a pasture with DONKEYS!
      I’m just not sure how to talk to those guys.


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