Meet Max!


Maximus is a 4-year-old Oldenburg gelding by Dutch Stallion Mezcalero.

He’s very green, although has a bit more ridden experience than Valiosa.  Not entirely a good thing, as he’s got several habits and tricks.

Fly Sheet

He will soon be a very good boy to handle on the ground.  The ridden part, – that one is going to take a long time.  Lunge work sadly has to wait.  Touched on it already;  he will have to get over some earlier major hangups…  We’ll try it again later.


I’ll be riding him several times per week, very easy to start.  He’s out of shape, gangly, sweats at the drop of a hat, and has little control of his body.  Not to mention a lot of opinions about working.

mounting block

First off, we’ll be trying to think forward while simultaneously not smashing into the arena fence.  As well as me staying on.  Good times! week 1Come back tomorrow to see our early attempts together!

15 thoughts on “Meet Max!

  1. Beautiful. I think the two of you will have a fun adventure together. I look forward to watching the progress. 🙂


    1. See, to me, that is sort of encouraging – all these stories of the crazies the young horses went through. Turning into solid citizens at the end.
      I hope that’s the road we’re taking, too!
      Sometimes I really miss riding some steady, settled, horses 🙂 There’s been a lot of young horse riding for quite a while…


  2. You seem to specialize in the babies. They can be a fun challenge and interesting to work with. Good luck with him (and stay safe). We look forward to hearing more!


    1. Serendipity has done the specialization for me. Surely there is much to learn. However, if you ask me, I wouldn’t mind riding a schoolmaster too here and there 😉
      Things have been so basic for a while. But riding is riding, and I love it any which way!
      Max and Valiosa are both 4 year olds, but so extremely different!


      1. I hear you. I didn’t get my schoolmaster opportunity (Finn) until I was 53. Until then, it was always green horses and babies. Then I just said, “I’m out of time…” Having ridden the schoolmaster, I can now see why they say we all should be riding schoolmasters. But they can be expensive (if sound and young). If you get the chance to get an older, sound one, though, buy him! Or better yet, lease him 🙂 You will learn more in a year or two than hundreds of lessons could teach you.


        1. Agreed! I’ve been lucky, and gotten to ride numerous seasoned horses who know their job well. Of course, as for most of us, they were never destined to be available to me for any length of time. Buying one is out of the question. Then, back to the green ones.
          Therefore, enter Valiosa, and a quest to get somewhere with this whole thing together, from scratch, Haha. Educational for us both, as long as I have the energy for it 🙂
          When I grow up, I’ll ONLY ride the good ones. (I feel that coming on in less than five years!) Wait, I think I already am grown up. Argh!

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