Donavinia, at 3 weeks



Just had to share my friends baby filly just one more time.

This is her with her mom, Stella, in their gorgeous pasture in Lincoln.

Super rambunctious filly

The other horses in their little herd are waiting to get to be introduced to little Donavinia.  Her and her mom will boss them all around!  She’s a brave filly, doesn’t mind coming up, asking to have her body scratched just so, or leaving her mom’s side at any time.

3 weeks old

I had to be quick in snapping some pictures, she was on the move the whole time, running through sprinklers and up and down the hill.

Perfect little body, all full of her self.  She’ll be registered Oldenburg – it will be fun to see her go through inspection in September!

A bit of giraffe lips when scratching just the right spot!

scratch me

6 thoughts on “Donavinia, at 3 weeks

  1. gorgeous pasture is right! The third picture is painting material. If I just moved the horses a bit…I am eying that nice barn structure and the hill as a backdrop..LOL ..You take good pics!


    1. Love to hear it! I never really think about it from an artistic viewpoint, at ALL. Mostly just look at the horses position and all that. But agreed, this does look very pastoral 🙂


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