Healing Up.

Somehow, whatever we did, she’s all better.

Perhaps it was the magical liniment…?  I’ll write about it later.  Clearly it was a short-lived “bump”, since it disappeared so quickly.

Now, where were we?  Oh right, Forward, and (hopefully) Straight…

riding valiosa

With so little work, just sporadically here and there this summer, we’re not exactly getting anywhere with the training.  Love spending time with her anyway.

And today I rode her at the trot over a few ground poles for the first time, something there’s never been opportunity for.  Good fun!  Maybe there was almost a real canter transition too.

No more of this standing around – or someone will continue to gain just way too much weight.  And not just me…

back on the lunge

5 thoughts on “Healing Up.

    1. 🙂 Not convinced that it was only the Liniment, but, I think this calls for a little “Review” Post down the line! Don’t have the bottle here in front of me, but think it was Thermaline or something.


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