Happy Birthday, 4-Year Old!

It’s Birthday Week for Valiosa.

Valiosa 4 years old

While pledging not to treat her like a baby once a true 4-year-old, this was still somehow the easiest week ever for her.  Babying the hind leg swelling, hand walking, bopping around being fussed over after not really accomplishing much of anything.

Yes, such grown up treatment… in the cross tiesSeriously fun training ahead together!  Funny, but sometimes it feels as if the less I ride her, the better she is the next time.

Have you felt that way with young horses too?

Now, stop fiddling around in the crossties and get on!

Thank you for coming out and visiting us yesterday Nancy!

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, 4-Year Old!

  1. Funnily enough, even though Obi is now 16, I still find that if I haven’t ridden for a while, he doesn’t put a hoof wrong and does everything I want, when I want him to do it. For him, I think a good part of it is that he loves working as much as he loves doing nothing so it’s probably more about having something different to do than mooching around the paddock all day 🙂


    1. That’s a true attitude to love! A real Work Horse attitude – gold worth!
      I’m wondering if my mare will be that way, too.
      For some, it seems that they need to be regularly ridden, or worked, to accept the routine, know what to expect, and in general be OK with what is asked of them.
      For others, just like Obi then, it’s the ultimate motivation to be sort of put on the back burner for a while 🙂

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