Scribing at the USDF “L” Program

Last weekend the program continued at Starr Vaughn. (And also a little mule action.)

This was the continued Part Two Evaluation, hosted by Valley Oaks Dressage Chapter, with ever energetic Michele Dodge running it.

As mentioned before, scribing at shows is a wonderful way to gain more insight to what judges are looking for.  Try it!

The program had now reached up to Part Two – Evaluation, and in Session D1 the judging students were coached by Axel Steiner on how to judge Training through 2nd Level.

Axel Steiner at the L Program

Love to listen to him!

It was also great to listen in to the various scores, and their respective justifications from all the judging candidates mid-session, along with Axel’s perspective on the same movement.

Session D2 is in November and I hope to help out again.  Then of course, it would be a treat to see them all go through the Final Exam in April 2016.

While we didn’t judge her test, I enjoyed finally getting to see Laura Hermanson riding a mule at First Level.

Laura Hermanson First Level Test 3
Ever since reading the article about her mule Heart B Dyna being the first one ever making it to the US Dressage Finals in Lexington, Kentucky, I’ve hoped to see them at a show – since they are from California.

This is her and BB Magee, at First Level Test 3 on Saturday.  Yes, this is cool!

Mule Dressage

4 thoughts on “Scribing at the USDF “L” Program

  1. Janet Foy and Shelly Francis will be doing a dressage “strategy” clinic in mid-October not too far from me. Janet will judge the riders’ tests s they happen over the PA so we can all hear, and then there will be discussion Q&A, and after that Shelly will work with each rider on improving the test. I’m getting it together to go audit since I have the highest respect for Janet. It looks like now that Axel has retired from FEI judging he has time to do some clinics too. I’m sure everybody learned a lot at this one!


    1. Oh how fun!
      That sounds like a great opportunity to snatch up some great snippets of wisdom! I try to attend various events as much as can, sometimes just difficult to get away on the weekend and I have to limit it to local ones. Good for you that there is one within the vicinity!


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