Good Morning Everybody!

Early morning is best.

Barn Early Morning

Even some of the flies are still sleeping then.

Golden stall fronts carry promise of a great day.  And a scorcher.

Magical morning light

Valiosa.  Doing her best to shed some pounds.

Good Morning
Magical morning minutes. You too, I hope.

With a lot of excitement coming up next weekend it’s nice to enjoy a quiet morning…

Horse Happy Hour!

12 thoughts on “Good Morning Everybody!

    1. Me too!
      I did a whole category on the blog named Horse Happy Hour. Had fun with it. Not sure what to do more with it (I’m still riding happily), and it’s still there.
      Perhaps time to add to it now and then. .. 🙂

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  1. A good morning back at you! I try to get out and ride as early as possible in the heat, as well. Micah hates the heat and he’s more fun to ride when he isn’t sluggish. Hoping our heat wave breaks soon!


    1. We can always wish!
      Today, of all times of the year, our shower faucet broke, and with water leaking into the wall we’re now entirely without water instead.
      Not sure my early morning ride tomorrow will make up for that 😉


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