Summer Night

August – Heat radiating from the asphalt even at night, walking the dogs.

Small girl squeals in the summer night as we walk by – a sound much as fireworks on 4th of July.  Those Safe & Sane, State Approved ground fire works.  This is California after all.

Whiieeee.  Mostly noise with a bit of glimmer.

When our great neighbors, fresh in from Michigan, did their first 4th of July on our street, I watched the eyes of their kids sink as the evening went on.  All hope vanishing for something good to see.  There was only going to be ground fireworks.  Fizzling.


For many of us, there’s an endless string of disappointments, isn’t it?  It’s for conditioning.  I tell myself that.

Well, feeling thoroughly seasoned now.

The Heat Is On

Valiosa, being a great source of inspiration!  The barn is never a source of disappointment.

Lots of hope, convinced this is going to be a fantastic fall, with tons of fun!  Since I’m done marinating in the “seasoning” now.

company in arena

With the super early riding hours, Valiosa hasn’t had any company in the arena at all.  We really need some practice with that – she gets so distracted.

6 thoughts on “Summer Night

  1. Glad you’re getting in some ride time. Yes, making our horses face what they hate is good for them (assuming you stay safe). Great practice for showing — where nothing ever goes quite like you imagined it would. 🙂

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  2. Ironically, the biggest challenge with my mare is to ride in the outdoor arena alone (she adores company in any ring). She is hyper-sensitive to anything that could possibly be another horse and relentlessly calls out to ghost horses (we are working on that). She is also hyper-sensitive to any movement that is outside the ring and her ears relentlessly zone in on that movement, whether it is real or imaginary. Both situations provide numerous distractions and great opportunities to work on focusing her attention on me. She’s getting a lot better but when I really have a specific thing I want to accomplish I ride indoors where we can both concentrate on that thing. Then the next outdoor session is usually more productive. Thankfully I don’t have any deadlines!

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    1. Oh she sounds very sensitive and aware of everything.
      Bet she can probably pull some beautiful moves though – usually those spirited ones are the best to watch.
      They just need a solid rider… Kudos to you for riding and training with her! I bet it gets interesting sometimes 🙂


      1. Yes, very interesting. On one of our solo excursions to the outdoor, a horse was turned out into the adjacent pasture and Ms Sassypants (nickname for my mare) decided she wanted to go along. When I said no, she sat herself down and did a canter pirouette in protest. I couldn’t have asked her for that because I know nothing about the aids. But it just goes to show that the potential is there!

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        1. Well, but SWEET! Now you know she’s got the talent. Sometimes, you just have to ride it! Like if there’s some passage coming on while out on trail, just enjoy the ride! 🙂 (And hope it all continues to stay in control Haha!)


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