New adventure – with Valiosa


Slithering pungent shadows in the dark against the black iron wrought fence.


The dog, after 4 years, has finally learned not to pursue.

We’re saving big on baking soda, dish detergent, peroxide.  No foul-mouthed doggie showers all summer for a change.  Even after late night outings in our hills above the house.

Valiosa and I have made another, big, change – moving up to my friend’s quiet little dressage barn.  Pure bliss!

Can’t even begin to tell about the whirlwind of work involved in the past 7 days.  It’s all turning out wonderful!  Once finished this fall, perhaps I make a feature on how to make a safe, quick, Dressage On A Dime worthy, horse shelter.

Horse eye

My mare, of course, has been a star all the way around – no destructiveness.  Settled in like a dream immediately.  OK fine, peeing excessively non stop for the new gelding friend, but the rest has been impeccable.

Standing like a lit candle in the new cross ties.

new barn

I’m so happy to have this opportunity – covered arena and all!  (Yes, please don’t hate me.)  Next up, teaching her a real canter transition, and leg yield.  It will take a while.

new at the barn

8 thoughts on “New adventure – with Valiosa

  1. Yippee! This will make a world of difference to your ability to make some progress, I think. Especially that covered arena! I look forward to more reports. Valiosa is just at the right age to start settling down to some work now. Fun!

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    1. Yey! It’s been crazy busy, a whirlwind really, but I’m all settled in now (and her shelter panels are all painted, just have to actually put them up sometime next month!), and miss fancy pants has been going really well.
      Can’t believe what a difference it has made for us. Hope to be able to show some ridden pictures by next month at least 🙂


  2. Certainly don’t begrudge you the covered arena (at least not in the way you think). I ride all winter in our Michigan indoor ring, but—it’s not heated! Maybe better to ride in a fresh-air California covered arena???

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    1. The cover is absolutely fantastic. And yes, of course fresh-air, – there are only a few arenas here that are actually fully enclosed. (And I find them stuffy, since it’s usually so hot.)
      Today, some 100 F, and I still rode, without melting or wanting to complain. SO happy! 🙂


      1. I rode indoors on Sunday evening because it was still too hot and sticky outside. Horse and rider finished up in a drippy pool of sweat. Rider went to the local tavern for a cold one…


        1. Sounds just like what I’d love to do. I’d imagine it gets WAY more humid in the summer heat up there. Here, it’s arrid dry, to where your tongue pretty much sticks to the mouth just a few hours in. I really don’t know what’s worse 😉


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