Crow hopping

Cheap dry wine, making the mouth pucker.

The same reaction created by fear.

Also created by Crow Hopping.

Crow hopping – [A cuter name for when your horse goes Reptile on you.  Others would call it maniac bucking, but since it’s your own dragon taming party you give it a more rideable name.]

No evidence of all the fun, and by now Valiosa has settled in wonderfully at her new barn.  It’s awesome!!!  Instead some very grainy shots of me and James Dean.

James Dean

Riding him the past week and a half has been great!  James Dean, JD, belongs to Liz.  She has been on a long Alaskan cruise.  Sounds lovely, 104 F, 40 C, in Folsom yesterday, phew.

James Dean 3

He’s a really fun guy!  Thank you for letting me enjoy him Liz!  Absolutely no crow hopping with this guy.

James Dean 2

Closing up with a little shot of Christel on little Fell Pony Remi.  Remi, Fell Legend Rembrandt, is a 5-year-old by Hadrian.  He did his very first schooling show last weekend.  Go Christel!

Christel and Remi

11 thoughts on “Crow hopping

  1. Yes, I am guilty too of over using the term crow hopping! Especially with my daughter….” no baby, that wasn’t really a buck, more of a crow hop” so she doesn’t completely freak out.


    1. Absolutely! I always give her a free card, only 4, and at a brand new place, with a giant playmate right outside the arena fence 🙂 She was a great girl this morning, Monday and all. 🙂


  2. Don’t know about crow-hopping, but my mare did some sort of passage parody last night when the geldings all stampeded out of the barn to the open pasture (it’s been closed to them for a couple of weeks because it’s been too hot and dry and the grass wasn’t growing). She really wanted to run with them, but knew she was nowhere near getting away with it. I laughed out loud and harnessed all that energy into the most “forward” Training 3 test she’s ever done. What a hoot!


    1. Awesome! Bet she felt pretty good about her self afterward, too. (Not to mention the rider, for sticking it all out!) Hope you get to show her in the ring one day, just like that. If still controlled, scores should be really good!


  3. You need to tell that last rider to ride a draft. It will make her butt look smaller. Haha! 😉

    Something must of been in the air. Remi threw in some crow hops/bucks.

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