Meeting a new friend

Super happy at Twisted Oak Ranch!

Both Valiosa and I.  Absolutely thrilled to get to be there with her.  It feels like coming home, every day, visiting her up there.

Nobody wants, or needs, to be building a shelter in the heat of the summer, but soon enough there’ll be one.  Already have all the panels prepainted, both sides.  Yes, that was a drag.

She’s been getting a bit easier to ride each day – can’t wait to bring her out to her first schooling show next month!

This week – meeting a new friend.  Misty, a giant of a horse in every way.

Misty in August

As cute as she is, she needs to lose some serious weight.  It’s a work in progress…

Misty’s pasture is very large, winding through the property in the back, studded with shady oaks.  Great place to hang out together for a while.

Introductions were calm.  Valiosa looked like a timid puppy.  Good look to have in a meeting like this.

first meeting

If the ladies keep behaving themselves, there’ll be some regular hangout time together here and there.  Fingers crossed for them.

It’s good to have friends!

Stop by tomorrow to meet a special guest!

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