Quick Hello To Valiosa’s Brother!

Azulito 2

Meet Azulito, Valiosa’s full sibling by same Stallion and Mare.

Azulito is a 2010 gelding, born the summer before Valiosa, and with a lot more training under his belt.  Or girth.

Here he is one of the first times getting some exposure working with cows.

Azulito 5 years
They’ve both got that super sweet personality!  Love to have him as a special guest here at the blog today!

Azulito is going to be a very versatile horse.  Other than dressage training, he can work with cows, has started with the Garrocha (Used by Dome Vaquera), and will make an awesome trail horse!

Here he is with Marty on the trail up in Cool – they’re doing wonderful together!  Love seeing the similarities in straight blood lines – you can tell this is Valiosa’s brother!

Azulito 1
Go Azulito!

6 thoughts on “Quick Hello To Valiosa’s Brother!

  1. I am trying to convince my local riding group that we need to do a cow working workshop….can I use your photo to post to our group to try motivate them when they see how much fun it is!!!!!!


    1. Yes I believe that should be just fine. Marty, Azulitos owner is very happy with him and proud. I am sure he would love to have his horse as a source of inspiration for others :-)! Good luck! Thank you so much for checking in with us ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Would love to do Doma Vaquera but absolutely do not have the guts or the coordination! Maybe slide a toe into Working Equitation instead…have not consulted my mare about any of this!


    1. ๐Ÿ˜‰ That’s where it all hangs… Consulting our mares. I rode my girl today. Or she took me around. She had so many questions, and I had so little answers. Blaming it on a 4 year old in heat.
      I will always be blaming in on her heat. Sigh.
      Think Doma Vaquera is way out of our league.


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