End of Summer (Please)

Valiosa’s coat, a silvery sheen.  A ghost like color.

Several more weeks of summer, before any winter coat sprouting up.  Many more days of working in heat.

She’s been super fun to work with lately, although it’s easy to get lost in knowing exactly what to work on.  There are so many issues…  Which surely you can relate to if you ride a 4-year-old.

And then of course.  This morning the ride didn’t really work out well at all.  Thought we’d install some sort of lateral button.  She thought, – not much of that at all.

not happening

We just really weren’t happening at all today.

No big deal.  The farm is beautiful and there are many more days.  To try.

Twisted Oak Ranch

Her very first show experience coming up in a few weeks.  She’ll start at the very bottom, Intro A and Intro B.  A fun and easy day for her.  Barely classifies as dressage, Intro A.  There’s not even a first halt on the centerline in that test.  (Perhaps we’ll freeze up anyway!)

at the washrack

4 thoughts on “End of Summer (Please)

  1. She is just so beautiful! And I am excited to hear that you are bravely going to your very first show in a few weeks. I look forward to hearing about it. At this stage, it’s just about giving her a good experience at the show so she thinks it’s fun and interesting, not scary. It sounds like you are having lots of fun with her! And as for the end of summer, my Finn is already changing his coat and I have to clip him for the Regionals (!) in the hopes that he won’t get as hot and sweaty. Poor lamb.

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    1. Ugh, clipping already! Wow. 102 here tomorrow, so yeah, he will be better off naked haha!
      Love your support – I hope to have a really fun, stressfree, show morning with miss baby Valiosa in September!


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