Delfina Anatomical Dressage Girth Review

Tangled in the anatomical dressage girth jungle – who hasn’t been there?
Delfina anatomical girth

 Enter the Delfina Anatomical Black Leather Dressage English Girth.  Among all the choices of anatomical girths out there, it holds up its own in the competition.

I looked mostly at the Delfina, the County Logic, and the Total Saddle Fit girths.  On top of the list, the lovely County Logic Anatomic Girth, found here.

At around $225, it did not qualify itself for the Dressage On A Dime budget.

Next up, the Total Saddle Fit Girth.  There’s already a very nice write-up by AJ Dyer, published last year at  Eventing Nation , on the Total Saddle Fit girth – find it here!  No need to rant and rave about the necessity of an anatomic girth if you’ve got a horse with a particular physique – she does a great job explaining it there.

The Total Saddle Fit girth looks awesome,  (It is Beautiful!) and can be had for around $125 and up.

Then there’s the Ovation Comfort Dressage Girth, seen at Dover here.  Under $110 it’s a good deal on getting to try an anatomic fit.  Personally, I’d rather go with the Total Saddle Fit girth though.

I picked the Delfina Anatomical Dressage Girth after being very happy with the leather quality in my Defina Dressage bridle.  After 7 months of use, it is still soft, supple, and looks like new.

Hopping on the special for the girth of the same brand was a good choice.

It is lovely!

Delfina anatomical dressage girth

Can’t speak for the durability yet, but it is soft, and not ridiculously heavy padded – which can cause creases and all sorts of trouble.  Nor is it as hard and stiff as the seemingly indestructible County Logic.  I’ve worked with tons of the County girths, they hold up extremely well, but, well, what’s wrong with just a little padding at least..?

The Delfina has all the features I was looking for – great fit, hidden elastic at both ends (which will NOT stretch out immediately.), easy roller buckles plus a ring in the middle.

You can see a bit of the low profile padding here.

Delfina girth

The size 26 fit exactly as expected.  My horse is still young and this girth has an extra inch to grow into.

And the kicker – definitely Dressage On A Dime approved! Current special price is under $90, with cheap, lightning fast shipping to me in California.  Just in time for saddle fitting and reflocking.

Dressage On A Dime

8 thoughts on “Delfina Anatomical Dressage Girth Review

  1. I just got a County Logic and it’s great so far. Glad to hear it will hold up well. Does Delfina make hunter bridles? My current bridle is 20 years old and is still great (New Cavalry) but I think I should get something newer for the shows.

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  2. I love the quality of the delfina products, but if for some reason you should need customer service, you’re doomed! I spent over $600 in my last order. They contacted me to say my stirrup leathers were out of stock, but didn’t say when they’d be back, nor did they refund me. One of the browbands they sent was also badly damaged. After 6 emails, to all the email addresses I could find for them (including the one they contacted me from), messages to the company FB page, and even one to the owner’s personal page, I finally submitted a paypal dispute and that was the only thing that got an answer. It’s still to be seen if the leathers and replacement browband actually show up, but I could not be more disappointed that they’d ignore a returning customer like that for weeks.


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