Posting Trot

I haven’t written a lot about Valiosa’s training lately.

It’s coming along.  Although not exactly with any huge improvements.  Not because she’s throwing tantrums, spooking, rushing, or pulling off little 4-year old tricks – she’s simply the kindest young horse I have ever met;  always a love to be with.

Valiosa September 2015

It’s mostly because we haven’t found the true forward feel yet.  At all.  Making it so much harder to feel connected, and we’re still pretty much working on just the very basics.

Still eons from being straight.  Still with random shoulders that seem to fall in, or fall out at any given time.  Still posting most of the time as she feels too green to really sit.

We often get a twisty thing at the poll going on.

twisted poll

Yes, in both directions.  – “An’ you can float your little hands as much as you like, I’m just gonna keep trottin’ all bent like dis, thank you very much

still twisty

I’m sure we’ll figure it out eventually…

As we no longer have any real trail riding opportunities, I limit the riding days to 3 per week, and do two short sessions on the lunge.  Several times with the Chambon now, which has worked very well for her.  Stretching down, relaxed, moving with a loose back, which has been a big challenge for her.  A couple of times I’ve jogged around the arena with her like that, taking a break from everything and anything, just having fun.

Then of course new problems crop up and she sometimes wants to be an overachiever at the stretchy trot, stretching super low.

stretchy trot

This weekend will be a big change in routines, as she’ll get to do her very first show.  But first, the Oldenburg Inspection with my friend’s filly and mare!  More about both events later.

To make things more interesting, there’s a disgusting 109 F (43 C) predicted for Folsom this Friday, along with a row of several days above 100.  Because it makes you look so good while wearing white.

2 thoughts on “Posting Trot

  1. My friends who have Iberian horses say that they are difficult to keep straight, and also that it is so important to teach them early on to work over their backs. Also that many people do NOT teach them either of these things. So good for you for identifying both problems and working on them! I think these are typical young horse issues, but perhaps magnified by Iberian conformation. Persevere in doing it slowly and correctly, and you will be rewarded with a strong, flexible, sound, and happy horse. You two look lovely together.
    By the way, I’m praying that this heat LEAVES us by next weekend…I will expire if it’s over 100 degrees at the Regionals.

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    1. Oh I DO hope I will one day end up with a very supple and straight horse. How lovely it would be!
      She’s not very typey for the Andalusian in that she doesn’t feel like a laterally gifted horse at all. Hoping perhaps it will change. For now, she’s mostly bent, sort of pretzely, for lack of better words. Sigh.
      Always love your encouragement!

      And, you might be in the clear in a week. We’re supposed to drop down to the high 80s!!! Hoping for you!

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