Scribing at an honorable event:

The 48th Annual CDS Championship Show!

A 4-day dressage show, concluding last Sunday, with hundreds of beautiful horse & rider pairs.

I had the honor to scribe for Cindy Canace at C in ring 4 the very first morning.  Worth to say again:  Dressage Show Scribing is a wonderful opportunity, give it a shot!  There’s a lot to be learned – wish I could do it more.

The California Dressage Society, (CDS) consisting of a total of 32 chapters had representatives from 27 chapters at this show.

Intimidating, yes, but so inspirational!  How great it would be to get to be part of the 50th Annual show!  One can always wish…

Futurity Class

For extra inspiration, the first morning included the start of the CDS Young Horse Futurity & Cal-Bred Futurity.  Above, an Oldenburg mare in the Six-Year-Old Open division. (Photo By Jennifer M. Keeler).

Even more inspirational was getting to meet a fellow blogger friend!  She had qualified with her awesome gelding Finn, and made it to the CDS Championships for the first time.

Super fun to meet in real life!  More of this!  Here we are below hanging out in Finn’s stall.

Horse Sage and A Horse For Elinor

Both her men were extremely well-behaved of course.  See her husband there in the back, cleaning the stall, while we’re goofing off in the front?  That’s some good training!

Go visit Horse Sage at – she always has a good read posted!

7 thoughts on “Scribing at an honorable event:

      1. Good description, “big” they are so much fun, when the stands are full and there is noise everywhere. Doesn’t matter what you do, it’s so exciting. 🙂

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  1. So fun to meet you, Elinor! Thanks for stopping by to meet Finn and to chat. It was HOT at Murietta (way hotter than Finn and I are used to) but we survived the BIG SHOW. Finn was a good boy and drank water if we held the water bucket for him 🙂 Like feeding a baby – it was a bonding experience. I doubt I’ll go again, too much money/time/heat, but it was interesting to go this one time. Maybe next time I’ll just come scribe and observe, much less stress!


    1. I loved meeting you! Thank you for waiting around while the classes were a bit late. Sunday became dreadfully hot after all
      😦 It takes some practice getting used to that…
      I predict you’ll qualify again 😉
      Maybe consider driving in straight from the barn on the 3rd day. Bat – crazy early, but, it can be done. .. Just saying.
      I can see where the 4 full days of sweating, while paying good money for it too, is just too much.

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  2. I’m waiting for everyone to adopt e-scribing so I can just type instead of write. The older I get the worse my scribble becomes and I know how annoyed I get when I can’t read a scribe’s handwriting! Otherwise, I would be sitting next to that judge in a New York minute. In the meantime I will be anticipating Janet Foy’s “judging aloud” symposium next month. It will probably be unnerving for the riders to hear the remarks as the ride is happening but for the rest of us it should be quite enlightening.


    1. e-scribing, haven’t thought of that! That’s a thought, for when the hand sort of cramps up after only 3 hours… Not sure what would be the fastest though. Sometimes, during errors or quick changes etc. handwriting seems to be the way to go. But I DO wholeheartedly agree on the annoyance of not being able to decipher the scribbles!

      The judging alound symposium should be fantastic! I want to audit one! Last time, I was a demo rider my self. Noteworthy is that while I DID hear a few scores, I focused so much on the actual ride, there was really no telling what the judge had to say about it. I bet it will be the same for many of the riders. Or perhaps there’ll be a very loud speaker system… You’ll have to fill us in after!


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