Every Day Is Not Going To Be Great

If you’re an adult amateur trying to do dressage on your own, you know this all too well.

That doesn’t mean nothing positive could be had out of it.

It was a beautiful day; no one got injured, (Sure, some barn equipment broke, but  what’s a little drag and tractor maintenance…?) and parts of the day spent with horses.

Fair enough.

Presenting; Valiosa, camouflaging behind a tree in pasture turnout.


Since no one could mistake the giant grey hippo behind the tree for, well, I don’t know, a twig(?), she had to come in and do a little jogging.

Chambon-day.  (promise to keep grainy self-made shots to a minimum, but thought you’d like to see.)

In the Chambon

Not a believer in gadgets (leaving that to Andreas Helgstrand and the rest of modern-dressage-for-profit worshipers) but a bit of stretching here and there has been very good for her.

Less than 20 easy minutes, to add variety to the week (Aaah, hoping for a trail ride next soon!) is good for the little 4-year old.

This sweet expression, every time, hiding or not.  There really are no bad days with her.

Thursday – bring it on!

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