Remember Silvius?

Silvius and his friend vacationed with me at Castle Rock Farm last summer.

Of course any vacation should entail some sweating – so on top of roaming around the large front pasture and enormous back pasture he also did a bit of riding with me.


He’s a very willing and fun horse to ride.  Just has the hardest time to coordinate his limbs.  Sometimes he could feel as if he was about to topple over…


Visiting my friend and Silvius this past weekend, it was such a treat to see him work much more balanced and freely!


Just look at them!  She’s done a great job with him, slowly showing him how to also canter happily, without just falling apart.

So much patience.  How long would I have kept at it, before throwing in the towel?  Just as long, I hope! (Just not sure I’d have the skills to do it.)

Go Silvius

There’s always hope!  Go Silvius!

Tomorrow, heading out with Valiosa to the trails at Folsom lake for a change of view.


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